Sally Field Plastic Surgery

Sally Field  Plastic Surgery

Sally Field, 61, was first introduced to television in her teens on sitcoms Gidget and The Flying Nun. She won acclaim for her role in Sybil, and an Academy Award for Norma Rae. Other outstanding performances by the actress include her Academy Award winning portrayal in Places in the Heart and the heart wrenching Steel Magnolias.

In a career that has spanned four decades, she’s still on a roll, currently playing matriarch Nora Walker on the ABC drama Brothers & Sisters for which she won Emmy honors in 2007.

Field has made a seemingly easy transition from vivacious young actress to her current senior status. While many aging actresses find movie and television roles drying up, she continues to enjoy great success in both areas.

Fields is the spokesperson for Roche Laboratories for their osteoporosis treatment drug Boniva and also has an upcoming voice role as Marina del Ray the villain in Disney’s The Little Mermaid III, which is scheduled for direct DVD release later this year.

Sally Field, always known for her girl next door fresh looks, recently told Ladies Home Journal magazine for their May issue that she is considering plastic surgery:

I think about it all the time because I see friends who’ve done it and they look great and younger. I have an ego but it’s an actor’s ego more than a woman’s ego. It’s about roles.”

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