Jessica Simpson Lip Injections

Well folks, its a pretty slow day in celebrity plastic surgery news, so lets take a stroll down memory lane and revisit Jessica Simpson and her experimentation with Restylane lip injections.

Reminds me of a sixth grade science project gone wrong, or the moments leading up to a hot dog wiener bursting on the grill.

I bet she won't be trying out anymore lip injections after that 4 month mishap.

On a side note, did we ever decide if Jessica Simpson has breast implants or not? I need some closure in my life.

Amy Winehouse Breast Implants

Amy Winehouse before and after breast implants.
If you're like me, you have probably asked yourself the question "what does Amy Winehouse do while shes not chasing the dragon".

Well, wonder no more because the answer is clear, she enjoys getting large lopsided breast implants, in a poor attempt to gain attention after slipping into the dark obscure realm of no return, that celebrity singers almost never recover from.

Judging from the before and after picture, she is still getting the hang of her new breast implants (no pun intended) as they look to be popping out all over the place.

I have a feeling this isn't the last time we'll be mentioning Amy Winehouse and plastic surgery in the same sentence. Just a hunch.

Cheryl Cole Plump Lips

Cheryl Cole is a beautiful and extremely talented singer/songwriter, fashion designer and author, who is currently the hottest celebrities in the UK. (Like Britney Spears 2000 USA)

Cheryl was recently pictured inside a London airport while trying to shield her mouth from the paparazzi cameras, but not before this shocking image was taken, revealing what clearly looks like over injected collagen lips.

This is the first time that Cheryl Cole has been the subject of plastic surgery rumors, and her reps quickly came to her defense, saying that she has “definitely not” had any work done.

Sounds like what any good representative would say about their client, but this before and after picture tells a much different story. A story of celebrity collagen trout pout lips.

Kat Von D Nose Job

Katherine Von Drachenberg, perhaps better known as Kat Von D, is the excessively tattooed, tattoo artist who stars on the television show entitled, LA Ink.

Are my eyes playing tricks on me or has Kat's nose become extreme narrower since she first appeared in the spotlight a few years back?

Clearly she has had a ton of work done...tattoo artwork that is, but has she also joined the celebrity plastic surgery ranks?

Looks like a bad nose job to me, cut and dry.

Natalie Portman Nose Job

Natalie Portman before and after nose job plastic surgery.
Natalie Portman is a real stunner in the Hollywood beauty ranks, but is she all natural or did she need some help from the local plastic surgeon?

I wanna believe the delightful Natalie Portman of today, is free from any plastic surgery, but its really hard to argue with the before and after pictures of what looks to be a nose job.

What do the readers think? Has Natalie Portman had a nose job?

Claire Sweeney Breast Implants

Claire Sweeney is a somewhat successful English actress and singer, but probably best known for getting ridiculously fake looking breast implants.

When will these girls learn, if the natural breast is not big enough, you can't go shoving D implants under your skin, it simply won't look normal.

If she was insistent on getting a boob job, she really should have went with smaller implants, because that four lane highway on her chest is not very appealing.
Do these breast implants remind you of anything? Like Victoria Beckham's Boob Job.

Lindsay Lohan Lip Injections

Lindsay Lohan before and after lip augmentation.
When i think of Lindsay Lohan, i think of a woman who has tremendous potential with endless opportunities for an amazing acting career, and ultimately a woman who perhaps took success for granted, and got pulled into the lonely Hollywood backwash of tireless nights...

I think its safe to say, Lindsay Lohan has made her fair share of cloudy judgments in her short life.
And when you consider she is still so very young, and to be making decisions in regards to life altering plastic surgery, like breast implants and even her latest habit, lip injections, perhaps she should reevaluate her way of thinking and seek guidance from other celebs who have triumphed from similar folly.

Wow, this kinda turned into a PSA, sorry folks.

Courtney Peldon Breast Implants

Courtney Peldon is a longtime Hollywood film and television actress, appearing in numerous low-budget projects with relatively obscure roles since the late 1980's.

Probably not even worth mentioning, but Courtney Peldon has had a major upgrade in the breast department.

The actress went from, what looked liked a rather small B cup, to a very full D cup.

Her breast implants aren't exactly bulging through her flesh, like we see so often with over-sized implants, but you can definitely tell they are fake, at first glance.

She already had lovely breasts before the plastic surgery, but perhaps she felt this procedure would "boost" her career.

Latoya Jackson Bad Plastic Surgery

Latoya Jackson before and after plastic surgery.
Yesterday we did a little feature on the talent Ms. Janet Jackson and her plastic surgery adventures.

And today we bring to you a much more startling event, in which her much older and less talented sister , Latoya, pushed the limits of the plastic surgery realm.

Latoya Jackson's over operated face is hands down, some of the worst celebrity plastic surgery results i have seen (maybe top 10), and perhaps the worst nose job thus far, its really that bad, folks.
When you think about how much nose she had "removed", its simply shocking, and the finished result is....well, cartoon-ish.

The frozen forehead leads me to believe that a brow lift was purchased at some point, and her lips have surely seen a few injection needles in their days.

Nose jobs, collagen, botox and lifts, oh my!

Janet Jackson Nose Job

The Jackson family name is most synonymous with two things, great music and plastic surgery operations, and this article isn't about preforming arts.

Janet Jackson, the youngest of the famed Jackson children, is cute as a button and perhaps the most talented of the bunch, having sold more than 100 million records worldwide.

Unlike her beautiful god given singing voice, Janet Jackson has obviously had some plastic surgery to help out her appearance.

There is differently no debate about the nose job (Rhinoplasty) she has underwent, shaving off quite a bit to achieve her desired look, however apart from the nose job, she looks to be all natural with a great facial bone structure, including those remarkable cheek bones.

By the way, has she aged in the last 20 years?

Marg Helgenberger Botox/Lip Injections

Marg Helgenberger is a longtime Hollywood actress, best known for her role as the fiery crime-scene investigator/forensic scientist on the hit television show, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CSI: Las Vegas).

You don't need to be a certified CSI to solve the mystery of Marg Helgenberger's ever changing face...

The culprits are clearly, a boatload of botox and an extra helping of collagen lip injections.

Its really a shame she decided to opt for plastic surgery, seeing how in 2002 she looked to be aging quite gracefully (with the collagen lips).

Natalie Imbruglia Cheek Implants

Natalie Imbruglia is that cute little Australian pop singer, who made it cool to wear the pixie hairstyle again, back in the late 90's while she was topping the music charts with the super catchy song "Torn".

I've always thought of her as an absolute natural beauty, in fact shes done a bit of modeling and acting over her career as well.

However, Natalie is looking a little different these days, and to be more precise, I'm referring to her cheeks, which seem to be much more prominent than before.

I suppose this could be related to aging...but its quite a change, from merely a decade ago, and this leads me to believe she did have plastic surgery (cheek implants).

Mariah Carey Breast Implants

Mariah Carey before and after breast implants?
Good golly miss molly! Did anyone else notice something different about Mariah Carey, during last nights Golden Globe Awards show?

It looks like Mariah Carey got huge breast implants!

And is it just my imagination or has Mariah Carey's breasts been getting bigger and bigger throughout the last decade or so?

But you gotta hand it to her, they look absolutely amazing and very natural i might add, seeing how she does have a great voluptuous body with a little extra cushion in the right areas.

What do you think, was plastic surgery (boob job) the right choice, in the case of Mariah Carey.

Octomom Breast Implants And Tummy Tuck

Octomom after plastic surgery pictures.
Just in case you couldn't live without her, we bring you an Octomom update.

My, how Nadya Suleman is looking so very different these day, in fact it looks like she has almost completed the full transformation into her idol, Angelina Jolie.

The proud mother of 14, recently found some time to pose for this "sizzling" bikini photo shoot, and boy does her stomach look...different.

Call me crazy, but i think we're looking at a world class tummy tuck here, and is it just me or does her belly button look like a coin slot on a soda pop machine...
And if I'm not mistaken, those breasts are very new, and not in a lactating mother type of new, we're talking newly inserted. (Kinda like that coin slot belly button).

I wonder if any of her plastic surgery was paid for with our tax dollars?

Tara Reid Stomach Liposuction

Tara Reid liposuction plastic surgery.
A few months ago we showcased the awful botched breast implants of celebrity b-list actress Tara Reid, but we failed to show you her even worse looking botched liposuction on her stomach.

It appears her surgeon went a little overboard and sucked too much fat from her stomach, resulting in quite a bit of scaring around the navel area.
Tara Reid surely did not has enough body fat to even consider liposuction, but that didn't stop her plastic surgery decision.

Heidi Montag Plastic Barbie

Heidi Montag before and after plastic surgery.
I imagine by now, you've all heard about the drastic transformation of Heidi Montag and her extensive list of plastic surgery operations.

The sheer amount of plastic surgery which Heidi Montag has underwent in such a short period of time, is extremely shocking to say the least, and when you consider this is a 23 year woman we're dealing with, its even more startling.

Here is a list of her recent plastic surgery procedures, in alphabetic order.

Breast Implants
Botox Injections
Brow Lift
Butt Augmentation
Chin Reduction
Ears Pinned Back
Facial Fat Injections
Liposuction of the hips, neck, thighs and waist.
Nose Job.

Well it looks like Heidi Montag has decided to become a completely new person, all she needs to do is change her name and presto chango! New identity!
The celebrity formally known as Heidi Montag was quoted as saying "I'm beyond obsessed" with plastic surgery...

This should be a wake up call to any and all young women, who view Heidi Montag as a role model. Learn from her dreadful mistakes.

Ashley Judd Botox?

Is it just my imagination or does celebrity actress Ashley Judd look kinda different these days?...

Her face seems to be a bit swollen and awfully tight, especially around the eyes and forehead area. I wonder if this is the result of botox injections, or perhaps an eye lift.

I hope this isn't the case, seeing how Ms. Judd has been the reigning champ of the "all natural" celebrity actress club, for almost two decades.

What do you think, has Ashley Judd had some type of plastic surgery?

Katie Price Breast Implants

Katie Price plastic surgery pictures.
Katie Price, formerly known simply as "Jordan" is a former English glamor model turned celebrity party girl and is a daily feature in many British tabloids.

She is kinda like a hybrid version of Pam Anderson and Paris Hilton combined.

Katie Price has clearly went under the knife more than once, for an array of plastic surgery operation throughout her career, including multiple boob jobs.
In fact you can see noticeable scar tissue on her left breast, in the first picture. Yikes!

At some point, should the plastic surgeons who preform these second and third breast implants, just say no to their clients?

You gotta draw the line somewhere, right?

Stephanie McMahon Nose And Boob Job

Stephanie McMahon before and after plastic surgery.
Stephanie McMahon is the vice president of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and a former professional wrestler herself.

Considering how professional wrestling is the epitome of fake, i wasn't that surprised when i saw these pictures of Stephanie McMahon and her obvious plastic surgery.
The before and after picture of her apparent nose job is rather startling at how pointy her nose has become.

And do you think maybe she went a little too big with the breast implants? At this point, nothing in the realm of plastic surgery surprises me anymore.

Lisa Rinna Lips

Lisa Rinna lip augmentation plastic surgery.
I imagine many of you are wondering, what in the world happened to Lisa Rinna's lips?

Well to make a long story short, its the result of a silicone lip implant she had done several years ago, which later developed quite a bit of scar tissue, thus causing her current inflated looking lips.

While making an appearance on the Today Show, she spoke about her lips saying...
“I went out and had silicone put in my top lip 23 years ago. Period, end of story. I had a small top lip, my girlfriend and I went and did it together after seeing Barbara Hershey in "Beaches,… but what happens is, after years and years, you form some scar tissue."
And that's the story behind Lisa Rinna's big lips, but stay tuned for the rest of her plastic surgery history, which we will feature in an upcoming article.

Lynn Whitfield Facelift

Lynn Whitfield is an outstanding celebrity actress, who as had roles in great movies such as Eve's Bayou and The Josephine Baker Story.

Over fifty years old and still looking fantastic, but has she had some help from the local plastic surgeon?

You gotta admit, her face seems to be pulled rather tight in these before and after pictures, perhaps the result of a minor facelift, or simply botox injections.

Its difficult to say for sure, but i have a good hunch on this one.

Rick Springfield Brow Lift

Rick Springfield sure is looking awfully different these days..

Just to refresh your memory, Mr. Springfield is the 1980's rocker with the smash hit song "Jessie's Girl", for which he won a Grammy award.

Back to Rick's face...

The drastic change in his current appearance looks to be the result of a brow lift and perhaps a minor nose job as well.

I think many of us try an imagine what our favorite rock stars will look like with age, unfortunately in many cases we'll never know, because plastic surgery is king in all avenues of show business.

Vince Neil Facelift

Vince Neil before and after plastic surgery.
As you may remember, Vince Neil is the lead singer of that legendary rock band, Mötley Crüe.

Countless years of partying and living life on the road can obviously take its toll on the body, both mentally and physically. And its certainly that kind of lifestyle that aged rocker Vince Neil, so prematurely.

A few years ago, Vince thought it was time to try and restore his once good looks, and instead of investing his time and money into health and fitness, he choose slice and dice.
That's right kids, Vince Neil choose plastic surgery, and a very public facelift it was, airing portions of it on his short lived reality show titled "The Remaking of Vince Neil".

If you ask me, the guy just needed to lose a few pounds and change his diet, that alone could have knocked 7 years off his face.

Nicollette Sheridan Breast Implants

Nicollette Sheridan before and after breast implants plastic surgery.
Has everybody's favorite blonde desperate housewife, Nicollette Sheridan, added some bust to her breasts over the years?

No official report has confirmed that she has in fact had breast implants, but this before and after picture is screaming, Boob Job!
What do you kind folks think? Real breasts or real expensive plastic surgery?

Bree Walker Giant Lips

Who is Bree Walker, you ask?

She is a relatively well known television news anchor and radio talk show host, who has worked in both New York City, and Los Angeles.

Bree Walker has apparently went a little collagen lip injection crazy in recent years, as we see her trout pout lip blimps are clear for takeoff...

Remember, too much of anything is bad for you, and this is a prime example of just that.

Nicole Kidman Lips, Nose, Botox

Nicole Kidman before and after plastic surgery.
Here we have the talented actress and fashion model, Nicole Kidman, looking kinda "uptight".

Nicole Kidman has been rumored to have underwent several plastic surgery operations, including a nose job (rhinoplasty), lip augmentation and multiple botox injections.
The most evident procedure in these before and after pictures is clearly the botox injections on the forehead area, and her swollen lips in picture #2.
As for the nose job, its difficult to say for sure, however it does appear her nose is just slightly more narrow in the nostril area, in picture #3