Christie Brinkley Breasts And Botox

Christie Brinkley before and after plastic surgery.
Let me begin by saying, Christie Brinkley is 56 years old and stunningly beautiful.

Christie Brinkley certainly has amazing genes to be looking this fabulous at 56, however a few red flags point to the help of plastic surgery.

For starters, i don't think there is any debate whatsoever regarding her breast implants.

But the real mystery is Christie's face and whether or not its seen the inside of a plastic surgeons office. The red flag i alluded to earlier is the expressions or lack thereof, coming from the forehead region of Ms. Brinkley.
This could be the result of a full blown brow lift or perhaps frequent botox injections. I guess this is kinda like a plastic surgery mystery of sorts.

Victoria Silvstedt Trout Pout Lips

Victoria Silvstedt is a Swedish model who is perhaps best known for being Playboy's Playmate of the Year in 1997.

Back in 1997 when Victoria hit the big time, her lips were lovely full and seemingly 100% natural, unfortunately as we age, many of us develop insecurities and seek out perfection by getting plastic surgery.

Victoria Silvstedt's trout pout lips are a perfect example of unnecessary plastic surgery, when you consider she already had exceptionally full lips.

Biggest And Worst Celebrity Trout Pout Lips

When it come to abnormally large lips, you would be hard pressed to find another pair of trout pout lips bigger than Nikki Cox's huge inflated kissing bags.

I suppose Lisa Rinna could give Nikki a run for her money with the big lips she has, however i believe the sheer width of Nikki's lips would win by a landslide, if they were measured for a "large lips" competition...

Could the lips in this picture really be the biggest and worst celebrity lips in show business?

Sarah Ferguson Brow Plus Lips

Sarah Ferguson before and after plastic surgery.
Well if isn't the royal Duchess of York herself, Ms. Sarah Ferguson.

My word, Sarah is looking awfully youthful in recent pictures, i wonder if this has something to do with plastic surgery, for the former member of the British Royal Family.

If she did in fact go under the knife for plastic surgery, i would guess that her main operation was a brow lift, along with botox and possible lip injections.

Catherine Bell Nose Job

Catherine Bell before and after nose job plastic surgery.
Catherine Bell is the lovely American actress who is probably best known for her role as Lt. Colonel Sarah MacKenzie on the television show entitled, JAG. And more recently as Denise Sherwood on Army Wives.

Back in the late 90's Catherine Bell was one of the sexiest women on television, period, however recently her appearance seems to have changed, for the worse.

Unfortunately it looks like Catherine has went under the plastic surgery knife for a good ol' fashion nose job, which resulted in a very slim pointy nose job.

I gotta admit, i was complete shocked when i first saw her new nose, seeing how she already had a very beautiful nose before the plastic surgery.

Pamela Anderson Lips

Pamela Anderson is pretty much the patron saint of plastic surgery, in terms of breast implants, however it appears that Pam is trying her luck in a new method of enhancement, lip injections.

Does anybody remember Pamela Anderson's lips being this full? Seriously, wow!

Vivica Fox Plastic Face

Vivica Fox before and after plastic surgery.
Vivica Fox sure is looking mighty different these days, so lets take this opportunity and play everyone's favorite plastic surgery game, "What in the world, happen to her face?".

Contestant #1: Did she have an eye lift and cheek implants?

Contestant #2: I bet she had a chin implant and a brow lift!

Contestant #3: She clearly went the whole nine yards and got a full blown facelift!

Well, unfortunately there are no real winners on "What in the world, happen to her face?", just tears, glasses full of salty tears.

Now all we need is a "flux capacitor" so we can stop our beloved Vivica Fox from ever venturing into the world of plastic surgery.

Remember her dreadful breast implants? We can save those too!

Jeremy Jackson Big Nose Job

Jeremy Jackson before and after nose job plastic surgery.
Many of you probably wont even remember who Jeremy Jackson is, well to refresh your memory, he played the role of Hobie Buchannon (Hoff's son) on the popular television show Baywatch.

I think it goes without saying, but Jeremy Jackson has drastically changed his appearance with a major nose job, new hairstyle and dark guyliner.

Was this yet another botched nose job or simply good plastic surgery? You be the judge!

Naomi Campbell Nose Job

Naomi Campbell before and after nose job plastic surgery.
Remember the fabulously sleek English runway model who is known for assaulting her assistants with shiny objects?

Naomi Campbell is her name and apparently getting plastic surgery is her game, or at least that's what this before and after picture seems to reveal.

The Naomi Campbell of today appears to have a very different and much more defined bridge to her nose, unlike the young model who became famous in the mid 80's.

What do the readers think? Nose job or no job?

Vanessa Ferlito Inflated Lips

Vanessa Ferlito before and after.
You might remember Ms Vanessa Ferlito in Tarantino's short film entitled Death Proof, or perhaps for her role as Detective Aiden Burn on CSI: New York.

Regardless of how you know her, Vanessa Ferlito willy surely leave an impression on you, if she's sporting her huge unnaturally giant inflatable lips.

These young celebrity women really need to tone it down with all the excess plastic surgery. For goodness sakes, she already had wonderful lips to begin with.

Richard Grieco Nose Job

Richard Grieco before and after nose job plastic surgery?
My oh my, what has happened to the once studly "21 Jump Street" star?

Richard Grieco has seemingly been out of the Hollywood spotlight for the better part of a decade and now that he has reemerged, his former good looks seemed to have changed, for the worse.

For starters, it looks like hes lost a good 25 pounds, which makes his face look kinda eerie and skeletal, and then we see this new slim pointy nose of his.

I don't know if he went under the knife for a nose job or not, but clearly something has happened to the face of Richard Grieco, and plastic surgery seems like the only logical explanation to me.

Marisa Miller Breast Implants

Marisa Miller is the gorgeously voluptuous model who is well known for having all the right curves, but i have my doubts that her breast are the real deal genetic feel.

I think, she already had decent size boobs and decided to slightly increase her bust size with very natural looking breast implants.

I'm not 100% sure on this plastic surgery scenario, however my "implant sense" went crazy when i first saw this particular picture.

Andie MacDowell Breast Implants

When i saw this picture of the famed celebrity actress Andie MacDowell, i was at a loss for words at how perky her breasts are, for a 51 year old woman.

Could Andie MacDowell have possibly located the fountain of youth or better yet, the fountain of anti-sag?

Or is this nothing more than the result of some good old fashion plastic surgery, like breast implants?

If those puppies are all natural, props to you Ms. MacDowell! Bravo!

Mia Farrow Lips And Cheeks

Mia Farrow before and after plastic surgery.
Is it just me, or has Mia Farrow changed in ways, other than the natural aging process?

Without the before picture, it would be difficult to even recognize her, as she looks today.

I don't recall hearing any reports about her having plastic surgery, but i can't help but think that she must have underwent a few procedures in the last decade.

For one, her cheeks seem very large and unnatural, which leads me to believe she had cheek implants, and her eyes have also changed drastically with a possible eye lift.

And the no brainier would be her plump upper lip, most likely from collagen injections.

Jessica Alba Plastic Surgery Look A Like

Get ready for a plastic surgery story worthy of only the twilight zone. "Key the music!".

A 21-year-old Chinese woman named Xiaoqing, is planning to undergo a number of plastic surgery operations in an attempt to look like the beautiful actress, Jessica Alba.

Why would she do this?

Apparently, she is trying to win back the love of her ex boyfriend, who is totally obsessed with the actress.

Xiaoqing was quoted as saying "My friends kept consoling me but it did not work, so they suggested I do plastic surgery to look like her (Jessica Alba)."

Her planned operations include an eye lift, brow lift and nose job among other nips and tucks, I'm sure.

And to top it off, the Shanghai surgeons are going to preform these very expensive procedures free of charge, in exchange for world wide publicity.

Beyonce Breast Implants

Beyonce before and after breast implants plastic surgery.
Once again Beyonce Knowles is the topic of conversation for the evening, and this time its not in regards to her possible nose job, instead tonight we ask the readers "Has Beyonce Knowles had breast implants?".

Several pictures have led me to believe that the beautiful Beyonce has had some added lift and perkiness to her breasts of late.

The question is what could be causing Beyonce's breast to look so big? Could she have put on few extra pounds or perhaps she has discovered a new state of the art push-up device, without wearing a bra?

Could this be a good old fashion breast implants? You make the call!

Plastic surgery or no plastic surgery?

Peter Burns Huge Lips

Peter Burns before and after plastic surgery.
How could anyone forget Peter Burns? The flamboyant "male" English singer and front man of the group Dead or Alive, who gave the world that sensationally catchy hit song "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)"

The gifts just keep on giving with Mr Burns, as he showcases his huge giant lip implants, along with his Bram stoker porcelain face and giant cheek implants.

Just makes you feel all warm inside...

And you can clearly see in the before and after picture, he was already a beautiful woman before all the plastic surgery.

Hunter Tylo Breasts And Lips

Hunter Tylo before and after breast and lip plastic surgery.
If you are a fan of daytime soap operas, you will most certainly recognize Hunter Tylo as the long time sultry vixen "Taylor Forrester" on The Bold and the Beautiful.

I always thought Hunter Tylo was blessed with good genes and a tremendous body and face, but apparently she thought otherwise, as we see the new and enhanced version of her in these before and after pictures.

Maybe I'm just old fashion, but i think she went a little overboard on the breast implants.
And the lip implants/injections were totally uncalled for, seeing how she already had absolutely sensational full lips.

Whatever floats your plastic Hollywood boat, i suppose.

Robert Redford Facelift

Robert Redford before and after plastic surgery.
Well if it isn't Robert Redford, the movie star actor legend extraordinaire himself, looking like a brand new man after going under the knife for an apparent facelift.

Robert Redford has clearly had a significant amount of plastic surgery done recently, but what exactly has he underwent?

I would say a definite brow lift, some major lift around his cheeks and jawline, plus a possible eye lift, including a canthopexy, which is meant to remove those pesky bag underneath the eyes. Looks to have gotten a slight nose job as well.

Sure, this is a drastic transformation of the Robert Redford many of us knew, but you gotta admit he is looking pretty sharp following the surgery, and at 73 years old, let the man live a little, right? He is only one of the greatest actors of the century.