Housewives of Miami's Elsa Patton Plastic Surgery

Today's cosmetic tale comes from a rather obscure television personality, who is actually the mother of 'Real Housewives of Miami' cast member Marysol Patton.

Her name is Elsa Patton, and believe it or not she's a self-proclaimed witch, not to mention a daughter-described psychic who's pleasantly "quite funny".
Housewives of Miami's Elsa Patton Plastic SurgeryAnd i must say, judging from her other-worldly appearance, she could easily be typecast as both a psychic and a witch, if she were to ever try her hand in the acting business.

But lets get back to the matter at hand, and by "hand" i mean "face"... And what exactly is going on with Ms. Elsa Patton's magical mug?

That seems to be the unanswered question making its way around the 'information super highway', unfortunately without any solid conclusions to date.

However, if we were to take a stab at solving Elsa Patton's "look", we'd estimate shes undergone more than a few plastic surgery procedures in her day. Including a nose job (rhinoplasty) operation, a brow lift and perhaps one too many lip and facial filler injections.

Call me crazy, but i can definitely see two or

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