Jocelyn Wildenstein Bad Plastic Surgery

When it comes to bad plastic surgery, Jocelyn Wildenstein is a worst case scenario and then some. There is no telling how many different operations she has had over the years, but if i were to guess which procedures she has underwent, i would say certainly cheek and chin implants and an eye lift to go along with a very tight face lift.

And i guess it goes without saying, but those lips aren't real either.

Mickey Rourke Facelift

Recently there have been several rumors swirling around concerning Mickey Rourke and his face, people have said he opted for plastic surgery and judging from the looks of these before and after pictures i would have to agree with them.
Looks as if Mickey Rourke had a rather extensive facelift and maybe even an upper eyelid lift (blepharoplasty) to go along with it.
Well whatever he did, this is certainly a step in the wrong direction, in fact this is perhaps the worst botched plastic surgery case we've covered on this site, so far.

Meg Ryan Lip Implants

Thin lips is perhaps on of the biggest insecurities among famous celebrity women, and that is what caught Meg Ryan's attention a few years back.

After years of getting what appeared to be collagen lip injections, it looks like she went the extra mile and opted for the full blow trout pout lip implants.

Sly Stallone Brow Botox

Sly Stallone is always full of surprises when it comes to his appearance, and this time we spotted him with what appears to be an excess amount of botox injected into his brow.

Courtney Love Nose Job

Courtney Love has had many hardships throughout her musical career, most notably her battle with drug addiction and a bit of controversy which seems to proceed her every move.
The latest Courtney Love frenzy is regrading her multiple plastic surgery operations and judging from the looks of these before and after pictures, its pretty much clear she has underwent at least two nose jobs (Rhinoplasty) operations. Successful plastic surgery? You decide!

Salma Hayek Nose Job

Salma Hayek is an absolute beauty in every aspect of the word, but is everything about Salma 100% natural?

Several years ago it was rumored that Salma Hayek had gotten a nose job (Rhinoplasty), but exactly how many nose job plastic surgery operations has Salma had?
Take a close look at these before and after pictures and you can clearly see there has been at least two different nose job operations.
Either way, Salma Hayek is a wonderful actress, a stunning beauty and humanitarian that we should all admire and strive to be.

Lil Kim Boob Job

Lil Kim has had her fair share of plastic surgery, in fact so much we will need to cover her operations one by one, so here we will feature her boob job (breast implants).

Lil Kim was naturally born with merely an A cup of chocolate, but later decided on getting an extra boost, and a big boost is what she got.

Some say she went far too big with her breast implants and they don't match her small body frame. You be the judge in this before and after surgery picture listed below.