Hilary Duff Breast Implants

Hilary Duff before and after breast implants?
Well look who we found sporting a brand new pair of what clearly appears to be breast implants, none other than little miss sunshine herself, Hilary Duff.

Yep, it seems as if Hilary Duff has upgraded her A cup to a large B, unfortunately they don't look very natural at all, they kinda resemble a couple of peaches wrapped underneath a tablecloth.

Lets hope this doesn't become a trend and she opts for other plastic surgery procedures...

Rihanna Breast Implants?

Not too long ago there was heavy debate whether or not pop singer, Rihanna, had opted for plastic surgery and gotten breast implants.

Well the dust has settled and there seems to be a line drawn in the sand reading 50/50 on this topic, many people think its quite evident Rihanna had breast implants, while just as many others say no way, Rihanna is all natural.

Chances are we won't know the truth until she comes out and confirms it or perhaps if one of those obvious candid pictures reveals a scar or bulging implant, so until then we can only speculate on her alleged breast implants.

Did Rihanna have plastic surgery or is she all natural? You make the call!

Bad Lip Injections Gone Wrong

And just when you thought you had seen it all and lost your lunch while viewing the lips of Lil Kim, Lisa Rinna and Nikki Cox, however the lips on this Russia plastic surgery victim are more than disturbing, they are down right hideous! Bad lip injections gone wrong!

"Come here and kiss you grandma goodbye" CHOMP CHOMP!
These lip injections gone wrong remind me of that time when little Tommy was stung by that big yellow bumblebee and his hand swelled up to the size of Texas, however in his case it wasn't intentional...

I know who I'm asking to prom... Lips McGee!

Kim Kardashian Breast Implants

Kim Kardashian breast implants plastic surgery?
Throughout the span of time there have been many questions which have plagued mankind, like "what is the meaning of life?", "something about a silent tree falling?" and of course is Kim Kardashian a naturally bodacious woman or simply a product of several plastic surgery procedures?

Last week we featured her massive tush and the idea of butt implants, now today we'll move further north and ask the question "does Kim Kardashian have breast implants?".

The curvaceous vixen has shot down all speculation which has been thrown her way concerning plastic surgery, however this before and after picture may say otherwise.

The before picture shows Kim at an unknown age while displaying significantly smaller breasts than her current DD bra size.

Certainly all women go though a growth spurt during their teenage years, perhaps Kim Kardashian simply developed at a tremendously fast pace...

What do you think, did Kim Kardashian get a boob job?

Jenna Jameson Big Fat Lips

What on earth has Jenna Jameson done to her lips!?!

Clearly the answer is a heavy dose of lip injections, but damn! Her lips now resemble a couple of beef franks, right before bursting on the grill.

Maybe they aren't quite as shocking as Nikki Cox or Lisa Rinna, but they are pretty disturbing to say the least.

One thing we know about Jenna Jameson is, if shes getting plastic surgery, shes going big!

I wonder if women who choose to get giant lips, even take a moment and review these before and after pictures? It could really save them some hardship and regret down the road.

Cheryl Tiegs Cheeks And Lips

Cheryl Tiegs was a prominent model during the late 1970's, known for gracing the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 3 times during her illustrious career, which garnered her an iconic status among many.

But has anyone seen what the aging beauty looks like today?

It seems quite clear that she has decided to wage war against the natural aging process, in the form of plastic surgery.

Most notably her cheeks seem to have taken on a new shape, which would lead one to believe she had cheek implants.

Cheryl Tiegs before and after picture.

Cheryl Tiegs has also appeared to have added some enhancement to her lips as well, perhaps lip injections were on the menu?

Despite vehemently denying any plastic surgery procedures, its really hard to argue with the before and after picture.

Koena Mitra Before And After

Here we have yet another plastic surgery nightmare gone horribly wrong and this time the poor victim was raising Indian actress and model, Koena Mitra.

Koena Mitra went in for a nose job (Rhinoplasty) at the advise of her handles and later revealed it was nothing short of a disaster, with her cheekbones flaring up making it impossible to smile.

She later visited a second doctor who suggested facial injections to ease the swelling, which returned her face to a somewhat normal appearance, however the results of the botched nose job still remains.
Koena Mitra before and after picture.
Clearly Koena Mitra has also had a few rounds of injections into her lips as well, plus she is rumored to have had breast implants (breast augmentation). And not surprisingly, this plastic surgery mishap has stunted her career as we once knew it.

Melanie Brown Breast Implants

Today's case subject is none other than the former Spice Girl, Melanie Brown or perhaps better known as simply "Mel B" or "Scary Spice".

Over the years we have all seen our fair share of massively disastrous breast implants, wedged into the chest of very slim ladies, only to look absurdly fake and uncomfortable to say the least.

And while Melanie Brown's breast implants are nothing short of huge, they actually seem to fit her body mass quite well, considering she has a rather fit broad figure.
Before and after picture of Melanie Brown boob job.

What do you think about the plastic surgery choice of Melanie Brown? Good results or bad boob job? Don't be scary with you're comments.

Sharon Osbourne Removing Breast Implants

The better half of the princess of darkness, Sharon Osbourne, has recently said she plans to remove her DD breast implants and give them to her husband Ozzy Osbourne.

Sharon was quoted as saying her breast implants will be "better on Ozzy's desk than in my chest, cause they're awful".

This recent story comes after last months reports of Sharon Osbourne's plan to sell her breast implants on e-Bay.

At this point, nothing should surprise us when we hear a headline concerning the Osbourne family circus.

More importantly, what is Ozzy going to do with spare breast implants lying around the house...I smell another reality series!

Jackie Stallone Before And After

Just encase you didn't get the memo, Jackie Stallone is a famous American astrologer, probably better known as the mother of both Sylvester and Frank Stallone.

Poor Jackie Stallone refused to let herself age gracefully, instead she has become one of the most notorious plastic surgery victims in Hollywood.

Clearly an extensive amount of plastic surgery has been done to her face, which appears to include a Facelift along with a brow lift, cheek implants and a nose job.

And don't even get my started on those explosively plump lips, i wonder if she went all out and got lip implants or simply the injections? Either way, this plastic surgery experiment was a complete mishap.

I can't wait to hear some feedback from the readers, regarding Jackie Stallone's cosmetic nightmare.

Catherine Zeta Jones Breast Implants

Every now and then we stumble upon a celebrity plastic surgery subject which can be rather difficult to say for sure if they have indeed went under the knife or not.

In the case of Catherine Zeta Jones, i think its pretty much an open and such case on whether or not she has gotten breast implants.
There is simply no way of earth she could squeeze her current breasts into the dress seen in the before picture, end of discussion. Gotta be a boob job!

I wonder if her hubby, Michael Douglas, had anything to do with her recent breast upgrade decision.

Cushy Lips Lip Plumper Review

Having beautiful full luscious lips have always been one of the most desirable sought after attributes for women, and many are choosing to undergo cosmetic procedures such as lip injections or even lip implants to achieve bigger more kissable lips.

However lip injections and implants often result in less than desirable outcomes, as you may have seen from pictures featured on this site. See Jessica Simpson and Nikki Cox for examples.

Which brings me to the all new natural alternative to lip injections, meet 'Cushy Lips'.

Cushy Lips is an amazingly effective natural lip plumper which gives your lips a tremendous boost in fullness.

Cushy Lips Ingredients: Macadamia oil, castor oil, menthol, camphor, vitamin E.

Plus the good folks over at Cushy Lips offer a money back guarantee, if you are not fully satisfied with the results of their amazing lip plumping product.

Please feel free to share your own personal review of the Cushy Lips lip plumper product, in the comments section below.

Sarah Jessica Parker Mole Removal

Sarah Jessica Parker, the star best known for her work on Sex and the City, has parted ways with her long time companion, the mole on her chin.

Both the actress and the mole cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split, which makes you wonder if they really ever loved one another in the first place.

This recent cosmetic plastic surgery procedure dug up thoughts on Sarah Jessica Parker's past alleged nose job... and i have come to the conclusion that there is no definite answer to this mystery which has plagued Hollywood for over a decade.

Brooke Hogan Breast Implants

Lets a take a moment and reanalyze the breast implants of Brooke Hogan, which seemed very solid and overly perky back in late 2007 when she first had them installed, however after a year of settling they've seem to have fallen into place quite well, giving them an almost natural appearance.

But what happens if they continue to settle and sag, would that call for another boob job?

I guess we'll just have to wait and see what the future holds for the ever changing breast implants of Brooke Hogan.

Brooke Hogan plastic surgery results.

How would you rate Brooke Hogan's boob job? Would you consider this successful plastic surgery?

Heidi Montag Back Scoop Surgery

And just when you thought that Heidi Montag's ten plastic surgery procedures couldn't get anymore absurd, we now discover she underwent a very uncommon operation called a "Back Scoop" which is said to enhance the back and add more curvature and shape.

Since her her array of plastic surgery operations, Heidi Montag has been quoted as saying she is "very weird about hugging people now, (my body) is very fragile."

This plastic surgery nightmare is turning out to be very sad.

Paris Hilton Nose Job

Over the course of her "career" people have always seemed to comment and poke fun at the nose Paris Hilton, often referring to it as a beak or witch nose.

And while those comments may be a bit extreme, there is no doubt that her nose has taken on a different shape, around the time of 2004.

The only clear explanation i can think of is plastic surgery, unless she had a horrible unreported sporting accident of some sort.

But lets be realistic here, the before and after pictures are pretty concrete evidence of a good ol' fashion nose job.
So what do you think about Ms. Paris Hilton? Are we looking at a slam dunk, nose job procedure?

And i also have a feeling this wasn't her only plastic surgery operation...