Madonna Breast Implants?

Madonna breast implants?
Seriously, did Madonna "material girl" Ciccone actually get breast implants at this stage in her life?

Madonna always had a very nice full B cup, but nowadays it looks like shes pushing a C cup, easy!
At some point you have to become content with yourself or else you'll end up looking like cat lady (Jocelyn Wildenstein), and we all know that's not an admirable appearance. Madonna before and after breast implants?

Megan Fox Breast Implants

Megan Fox before and after plastic surgery breast implants?
The verdict is out and it seems like everyone has an opinion about Megan Fox's breast implants or lack thereof.

For starters, there is not doubt that the size of Megan Fox's breasts have increased since her rise to fame, however it seems like her body weight tends to fluctuate quite often, which could lead to increased and decreased breast size.

Weight loss and gain is my stance on the breast implants theory, however i will admit that in some photos it does appear that Megan Fox has breast implants...

Its still quite the mystery and i don't expect any confirmation from Megan Fox anytime soon.
Megan Fox before and after photo of breast implants?
On the hand, Megan Fox has undoubtedly had some plastic surgery procedures done to her face, which we'll cover in the near future. Checkout Megan Fox's alters lips to tide you over.

Michaela Romanini Plastic Surgery

Michaela Romanini scary plastic surgery.
You're probably asking yourself "who is this plastic surgery disaster", right?

Meet Michaela Romanini, she is a well known Italian socialite with some of the most over injected lips known to mankind.

After seeing this plastic surgery ridden Italian socialite, it makes me appreciate our American socialites just a little bit more... Yeah right!

Fergie Breast Implants

Fergie before and after breast implants.
We've already highlighted the presumed nose job of the black eyed peas singer, Fergie, and now we take a look at her possible breast implants surgery.

There have been an awful lot of rumors swirling about Fergie's noticeable upgrade, and i think its all but certain that she did in fact get breast implants...
Unless this is simply delayed puberty? However something tells me that plastic surgery was in the cards for Fergie.

Lil Kim Nose Job

Lil Kim before and after plastic surgery nose job.
We've covered the transformation of Lil Kim very closely during her plastic surgery obsession years, first we featured her giant breast implants and then onto her over sized lip injections, and last but certainly not least... Her numerous nose jobs.

Over the span of only a few years, Lil Kim's nose began to shrink smaller and smaller and now it nothing more than a little button of a nose with a bridge in complete shambles.
However more recently it appears she has made efforts to reconstruct her botched nose jobs with further operations. Lil Kim tiny nose job plastic surgery is less than desirable, to say the least.

Loni Anderson Before And After Plastic Surgery

Loni Anderson before and after plastic surgery.
Here we have a little blast from the past with the aging former Hollywood babe, Loni Anderson, looking kinda tight in the facial region while cracking a big smile.

Loni Anderson looks to have went a little overboard with the botox injections, however the real mystery is... Are those lips all natural?

Kimberly Stewart Breast Implants

Kimberly Stewart before and after breast implants.
Kimberly Stewart is yet another one of those wild and crazy Hollywood rich girls who seem to go head over heels for plastic surgery.

Kimberly Stewart went from an A breast cup size to what appears to be a C cup size after her breast implants, which is probably why they look so incredibly fake.

Yet another victim of going too big...

Stephanie Pratt Before And After Nose Job

Stephanie Pratt before and after nose job plastic surgery?
You might know Stephanie Pratt as the sister-in-law of plastic surgery victim and star of the television series The Hills, Heidi Montag, and now it seems as if Stephanie Pratt has followed in the foot steps of her close friend, right down the alleyway of plastic surgery procedures.
There have been a lot of rumors about a nose job, and with these before and after pictures there is really no doubt that Stephanie Pratt had a nose job, or perhaps something else happened to her nose?

You be the judge!

Worst Celebrity Veneers

When it comes to celebrities and veneers, Gary Busey has without a doubt the most massively appalling veneers in all of show business.

Not only are Gary Busey's veneers twice the size of average teeth, they also possess a dreadful shade of freshly brewed coffee. Seriously how hard could it be to keep veneers white?

And to make matters even worse, Gary Busey is know for opening his mouth at unprecedented proportions.

Dolly Parton Before And After Plastic Surgery

Dolly Parton before and after plastic surgery.
Dolly Parton is very well known for her giant over sized breast implants, but instead of stating the obvious lets have a look at the facial plastic surgery procedures Dolly Parton has presumably underwent.

There are two key areas of Dolly Parton's face which we can see a drastic alteration in the before and after photos, one being her exceeding narrow nose which looks to be the result of one or maybe even two separate nose jobs (Rhinoplasty).

And i think it goes without mentioning that Dolly Parton's lips have taken on a life of their own, seemingly doubling in size over the years which can only be the result of lip injections or implants.
Plastic surgery may have caused Dolly Parton to look like merely a shell of her former self, however her voice is still beautiful as ever.

Khloe Kardashian Plastic Surgery (Nose Job)

Khloe Kardashian before and after nose job plastic surgery?
Basically the entire Kardashian family has been rumored to have underwent some type of plastic surgery procedure, whether it Kim and her mother Kris getting nose jobs or Kourtney's breast implants, and lets not forget about ol' Bruce Jenner and his array of highly publicized plastic surgery operations.

And with that being said, it comes as no surprise that Khloe Kardashian would be suspected of getting a plastic surgery operation or two, right?

Well, all the plastic surgery gossip surrounding Khloe seems to be regarding her alleged nose job (Rhinoplasty), and even though I'm not totally sold on the idea, many people seem to disagree and point to the before and after photo.

Tanya Roberts Plastic Surgery

Tanya Roberts before and after plastic surgery.
Tanya Roberts is looking awfully different these days, its almost like she is struggling with her facial expression. Plastic surgery anyone?

This would lead anyone to think she had a brow lift or perhaps simply a few botox injections, either way, it not a very good look for the former stunning star.

Clay Aiken Before And After Plastic Surgery

Clay Aiken before and after plastic surgery.
What exactly is going on with the former American Idol star, Clay Aiken?

Clay Aiken almost looks like a completely different person, in just a few short years he went from Opie Taylor to a mirror image of botched plastic surgery.
Or perhaps he just packed on a lot of extra weight??? Either facial fillers or weight gain, one or the other.

Faye Dunaway Before And After Plastic Surgery

Faye Dunaway before and after plastic surgery.
Is it just me or is Faye Dunaway's face unusually smooth and tight for a woman closing in on 70 years old?

Perhaps this could be the result of botox injections, chemical peels or perhaps some of the latest plastic surgery techniques for turning back the hands of time.
One thing that is certain, Faye Dunaway has very bold and beautiful pearly white dental veneers. Smile for the camera Faye Dunaway!

Ali Lohan Lips Before And After

Ali Lohan before and after plastic surgery.
Well it looks like Ali Lohan is following perfectly in the foot steps of her role model sister Lindsay Lohan...

Poor Ali Lohan is merely a teenager and she has seemingly be mislead down the path of plastic surgery, as we see here with this before and after picture of fresh lip injections.

And don't even get me started on her breast implants! We'll cover that story at a later time.

Sylvester Stallone Plastic Surgery

Sylvester Stallone before and after plastic surgery.
Sylvester Stallone was once a study male sex symbol back when he was starring as Rocky Balboa, however today the actor seems to have altered his appearance.

Did Sylvester Stallone get plastic surgery or is this simply a negative side effect of steroids?

Looks to me like maybe he had a botched nose job...

Kathie Lee Gifford Plastic Surgery

Kathie Lee Gifford plastic surgery? Before and after.
Goof grief! Kathie Lee Gifford's looks are changing before our eyes!

The naturally beautiful talk show host, Kathie Lee Gifford, appears to have taken a trip down plastic surgery avenue while leaving her dignity at the door.

A decade ago, Kathie Lee Gifford seemed to be aging quite gracefully as she teetered towards to big 50, however today it seems as if she is having a hard time making the slightest facial expressions.
If i didn't know any better, I'd say that Kathie Lee Gifford is getting double doses of botox to help keep the wrinkles away.

Kathie Lee Gifford has denied any and all plastic surgery rumors, but sometimes before and after pictures speak louder than words.

Kate Bosworth Lip Injections

Kate Bosworth plastic surgery? (lip injections)
It looks like Kate Bosworth might be taking her career in a new direction...Directly to the nearest plastic surgeon office for some trout pout lip injections.

Is this a good look for Kate Bosworth?

Renee Zellweger Plastic Surgery

Renee Zellweger before and after plastic surgery?
It seems as if many websites have sparked rumors about Renee Zellweger getting plastic surgery, claiming botox injections and facial fillers among other procedures.

More often than not its an open and shut case when it comes to celebrity plastic surgery, however with Renee Zellweger I'm not too certain about her alleged plastic surgery procedures.

Maybe she had a small amount of botox, but definitely noting more than that...At least on her face, that is.

Checkout these before and after photo and let me know if you spot any signs of plastic surgery.

Janice Dickinson Plastic Surgery

Janice Dickinson plastic surgery.
At this point it seems like Janice Dickinson is engaging in plastic surgery like its a competition...

Much like Heidi Montag, Ms Janice Dickinson has also underwent countless plastic surgery procedures during her long career in modeling and recent resurgence in the Hollywood party scene.

Some of the plastic surgery operations Janice Dickinson has been rumored to have underwent include, brow lift, cheek implants, breast implants, tummy tuck, eyelid surgery, eye bag removal and of course lips and botox injections.
Checkout this shocking before and after photo of Janice Dickinson, during her early days in the modeling industry and then her current plastic surgery complicated appearance.
Have a look at this neat little picture i found, which points to all the plastic surgery Janice Dickinson is believed to have had. Now that's a lot of arrows!