Celebrity Facelift, Famous Men and Women with Facelift Surgery

Facelift (rhytidectomy) plastic surgery is undoubtedly the most notorious procedure a patient can undergo, and not surprisingly, this "appearance altering" trend has made its way into the vanity stricken world, known as show business.

A facelift operation involves the removal and or tightening of the facial skin and tissue, which is then pinned in key locations, to stabilize the sagging or wrinkled flesh.

Here you will discover a list of celebrities who are confirmed to have, or are speculated to have undergone facelift plastic surgery. Including complete facelifts, minor nip/tucks, and a few which are unconfirmed but highly probable candidates. Visiting each celebrities name will lead you to a photo comparison, along with a smidgen of in-depth analysis mixed with snarky comments.

Amanda Lepore
Barbara Walters
Barry Manilow
Billy Bob Thornton
Burt Reynolds
Carrie Fisher
Clint Eastwood
Daryl Hannah
Irma Serrano
Jackie Stallone
Jean Claude Jitrois
Jessica Lange
Joan Rivers
Jocelyn Wildenstein
Judge Reinhold
Julie Newmar
Karen Mulder
Liam Neeson
Lynne Curtin
Marlo Thomas
Mary Tyler Moore
Marijke Helwegen
Mickey Rourke
Mike Jeffries
Muammar Gaddafi
Olivia Newton-John
Robert Redford
Roseanne Barr
Rupert Everett
Swoosie Kurtz
Tom Berenger
Vince Neil
Wayne Newton

And now for a few "fun facts" concerning facelift plastic surgery...

First documented operation ever preformed was in 1901 by Eugen Holländer, which took place in Berlin, Germany.

The price of a facelift varies from $2,000 to $15,000 depending on the country where the operation is preformed.

Statistics from 2008 - 2010 showed that facelift surgery is the sixth most common cosmetic procedure, led by rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, blepharoplasty, abdominoplasty, and liposuction.

Transgender Woman Sentenced After Posing as Plastic Surgeon

Today's bizarre plastic surgery news takes us to Boise, Idaho, where a transgender woman was charged with two felony counts of practicing medicine without a license, after giving breast exams to a pair of woman, while posing as a plastic surgeon.

37-year-old Kristina B. Ross, who previously served a four year sentence in a male prison for battery, recently took a plea deal of two misdemeanor battery charges, and was sentenced to 360 days in jail.

Mr/Ms. Ross was posing as 'Dr. Berlyn Aussieahshowna' at local drinking establishments, where he/she encountered at least two women, which both ultimately received breast exams, after discussing a plastic surgery agreement.

Note to reader: If you ever encounter a man or woman, and they try to swing a quick plastic surgery deal with you, promptly reject any such offer, and get the heck outta dodge! And never accept any examination advances!

Celebrity Cheek Implants, List of Men and Women with Cheek Augmentation

Cheek implants are perhaps the single most "face altering" plastic surgery procedure a patient can undergo, and despite the high number of ridiculed results, we continue to see famous celebrities opting for this controversial operation.

There are two general methods in which cheek augmentation surgery is administered, one being the insertion of a solid implant (silicone or polyethylene) over the cheekbone, and option number two, which is the injection of a soft tissue filler such as Juvederm, Restylane, or even fat taken from the patients own body.

Below you will find an alphabetical index of celebrities who have, or are rumored to have undergone plastic surgery for cheek implants. By visiting each link, you will discover before and after photos, along with a bit of commentary and insight concerning each celebrity.

Barry Manilow
Bogdanoff Brothers
Cheryl Tiegs
Giannina Facio
Heidi Fleiss
Jackie Zeman
Janice Dickinson
Jocelyn Wildenstein
Karen Mulder
Kelli Mccarty
Kerry Washington
Khun Sumanee Guna-Kasem
Lyn May
Marijke Helwegen
Melissa Rivers
Mia Farrow
Natalie Imbruglia
Oksana Grigorieva
Pete Burns
Shannen Doherty
Shaune Bagwell
Vivica Fox

Cheek implants, much like any other plastic surgery operation, presents numerous risks such as the possibility of blood clots, infection, excessive swelling, and bleeding. And more specifically, cheek implants can shift and become displaced, resulting in asymmetry.

Something to keep in mind, if you ever contemplate the idea of undergoing this dangerous and highly scrutinized plastic surgery procedure.

Celebrity Butt Implants, Famous Women with Buttock Augmentation

The initial thought of butt implants, may seem reminiscent of a poorly drawn up bit on a sketch comedy show, however, buttock augmentation surgery is a very real procedure, and even a few well known celebrities are believed to have undergone this mind boggling operation.

But lets face it, the buttock is one of the most highly prized areas of the human anatomy, and having a nice backside is perhaps the single most coveted feature of a woman's body, so perhaps its not really all that surprising to see people taking such drastic measures to enhance this desirable asset.

Below is a handful of celebrity women who are rumored to have opted for butt implants. And to view a more in depth article, click on the celeb name of your choice.

Kim Kardashian is undoubtedly the most famous celebrity who is rumored to have butt implants, seeing how her notorious caboose is what landed her in show business in the first place. The before and after photos are hard to argue with and look like a clear case of butt enhancement surgery.

Nicki Minaj's recent skyrocket to fame has garnered her an instant celebrity status, and along with it, has brought an excess amount of attention to her stunning round mounds. The overwhelming majority has made their voices heard, and many of them are claiming that Ms. Minaj underwent plastic surgery for butt implants. See the three after pics above.

Upon first glance, its quite evident that Nicole Coco Austin has endured a wealth of plastic surgery, and its strongly believed that one of the operations shes undergone, includes butt implants. Not to mention a pair of over sized breast implants, along with a few other presumed procedures. Apparently it takes a lot of work to be Ice-T's arm candy.

And last but certainly not least, we'll leave you with this unfathomable photo of English model, Alicia Douvall, and her newly inserted and painfully uncomfortable looking butt implants.

Celebrity Botox, List of Men and Women, History and Warnings

Botox injections are yet another cosmetic procedure that has taken the world by storm, in an attempt to temporarily banish any and all wrinkles from the surface of the recipients face.

Botox gets its name from the neurotoxic protein, Botulinum toxin, which is produced by bacteria including Clostridium botulinum, C. argentinense, and C. butyricum.

Studied for decades, it wasn't until the late 1960's when doctors began seeking the possible therapeutic uses for botulinum toxin, and in 1980 the toxin was used to treat the eye condition known as Strabismus, marking the first ever use on humans.

Flash forward to 1989, when further studies began on the possible use of botulinum toxin (BTX-A) for the treatment of wrinkles. And in 2002, the FDA officially approved the use of Botox for cosmetic purposes, and the rest is history.

Now in the 21st century, many celebrities are partaking in the botox craze, and while eliminating fine lines is the goal, the use of botox injections will often minimize simple facial expressions, which may prove to be damning to the careers of actors and actresses, if used in excess.

Below you'll find a list of famous men and women who are believed to have received botox injections at some point in their respective careers. Including repeat users, one and done, and of course a few who are simply rumored to have tried botox.

Alexis Bellino
Alyssa Milano
Anne Heche
Ashley Judd
Blythe Danner
Brooke Shields
Camille Grammer
Candice Bergen
Cindy Crawford
Courtney Cox
David Hasselhoff
Eva Longoria
Faye Dunaway
Giannina Facio
Heather Locklear
Janice Dickinson
Jenny McCarthy
John Kerry
Kathie Lee Gifford
Kim Basinger
Kim Kardashian
Kylie Minogue
Loni Anderson
Marg Helgenberger
Melanie Griffith
Melissa Rivers
Nancy Pelosi
Natasha Henstridge
Nicole Kidman
Priscilla Presley
Rachel Zoe
Renee Zellweger
Taylor Armstrong
Tea Leoni
Sly Stallone

Stay tuned to this ever evolving list, as we document future cases of celebrity botox, and file them accordingly in this alphabetical index.

Beware if you plan on undergoing botox injections, its very important to understand the risks and possible side effects involved.

Both the FDA and Canadian government have issued warnings about possible adverse reactions to the use of botox, including pneumonia, muscle weakness, breathing problems, difficulty swallowing, and other symptoms associated with botulism.

Lady Gaga Plastic Surgery Quotes "Promoting Insecurity"

Once upon a time there was a woman, a woman who sold millions of records, worn outrageous dresses, bragged about her drug intake, and donned prosthetic devil horns...

Her name is Lady Gaga, and the outspoken Born This Way singer is never afraid to speak her liberated mind, and dish out candid comments about any topic thrown her direction.

Which brings us to her recent interview with Harper's Bazaar magazine, where Ms. Gaga gives her own personal opinion about plastic surgery, and the harm it causes to our culture.
I have never had plastic surgery, and there are many pop singers who have. I think that promoting insecurity in the form of plastic surgery is infinitely more harmful than an artistic expression related to body modification.
And while Lady Gaga may not always seem like an admirable figure of our society, we feel she hit the nail square on the head, concerning this particular issue.

She later expanded on her previous thoughts while chatting with starpulse.com, saying...
And how many models and actresses do you see on magazine covers who have brand-new faces and have had plastic surgery? While I myself have never had any plastic surgery, I am an artist, and I have the ability and the free will to choose the way the world will envision me.
We couldn't agree more, Gaga, its glaringly obvious that the fragile self-image of young impressionable girls is being sent into a tizzy, with all the mainstream plastic surgery hullabaloo which is plaguing our culture.

This is evident by the increasing amount of young teens and adolescents who are undergoing cosmetic procedures, often encouraged by their parents. Like in the case of Kerry Campbell, and her 8-year-old daughter, Britney, who is already receiving botox injections.

The History and Future of Cosmetic Surgery

The History and Future of Cosmetic SurgeryPlastic and cosmetic surgery has been practiced by surgeons since 800 BC. A surgery procedure, now known as rhinoplasty, was performed to restore noses of people in India. But Plastic surgery didn't become popular until 20th century when surgeons used this procedure to restore physical deformities caused by war. Cosmetic surgery, a procedure that's reshapes and enhances perfectly normal body is consequential to plastic surgery. The wars caused too much damaged that it increased the innovation of plastic surgery and this gave the window of opportunity for cosmetic to surgery to boom in the industry. The surgeon's realized that aside from fixing deformities, they could also enhance beauty through surgery. They then developed body enhancement techniques such as breast augmentation, liposuction, and tummy tuck, in addition to facial surgeries.

It has a broad field and is sometimes confused over reconstructive surgery. Reconstructive surgery is used to correct congenital defects, developmental abnormalities, trauma, or the effects of disease like breast reduction, cleft palate surgery and birthmark removal, whilst it isn't much associated with necessary reconstruction. It's more about improving looks for aesthetic purposes such as rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, and liposuction.

The Pros and Cons of Getting Cosmetic Surgery

The Pros and Cons of Getting Cosmetic SurgeryWhile many cosmetic surgeries are done to correct a disfigurement due to an accident or birth defect the majority of the cosmetic surgery procedures done today are purely for aesthetic reasons.

Many Hollywood stars resort to plastic surgery to maintain their youthful appearance so they can keep working and to some degree this "look good at all costs" mindset has trickled down to the masses to the point where some teens want cosmetic surgery as birthday or Christmas presents.

The one thing that is often overlooked by many people though is that no matter if you're getting a facelift or tummy tuck plastic surgery is a medical procedure and there are risks involved that should be seriously considered before going under the knife.

Pros of Cosmetic Surgery

If you have been a victim of an accident or were born with a birth defect such as a cleft palate cosmetic surgery can be a blessing in that it can restore your appearance to what it was or should have been.

Today's skilled surgeons can do many things not possible even several years ago from eliminating ugly scar tissue to literally rebuilding a person's face and there are technological advances every day that allow for even more complicated procedures that can potentially help people who before had no options available to them.

Beyonce Nose Job

Beyonce Nose Job
Beyonce Nose JobLook at Golden-haired Beyonce Knowles – having her hair dyed and straighted, her lips redused and her nose narrowed she looks more like a Barbie doll, than an Black RNB singer. But let’s face it – her plastic surgeon did a great job, oops.. I mean a great nose job. Beyonce’s face looks very natural, as if she was born with that nose.
About Bulbous nose rhinoplasty

Did you know that narrowing a bulbous nose can balance face features and dramatically enhance facial harmony? Bulbous nose tip is refined by removing the excess lower lateral nasal cartilages and/or narrowing the distance between them. As all other manipulations on the nose this can and should be done with closed rhinoplasty

Ashlee Simpson Nose Job

Ashlee Simpson Nose JobOh no, it’s not Drew Barrymore, neither Britney Spears. It’s Ashlee Simpson after rhinoplasty.
Close up photographs of Ashlee Simpson, younger sister of Jessica Simpson, taken May 23, 2006 on the set of her new video in Los Angeles, CA – had confirmed earlier speculation that her nose had been remodeled.
Ashlee Simpson Nose JobThe singer was reported to have had an operation to remove a bump from her nose in April.
It was just after she returned from Sydney, Australia, where she hosted the MTV Australian Video Music Awards. She was snapped a fortnight later outside a Beverly Hills hospital, where she reportedly had her nose checked over after experiencing some pain.

Speaking with AP over a telephonic interview, Ashlee was evasive about her nose job. When asked about the surgery speculation Ashlee giggled and said, “Everybody’s already saying it, so I just don’t talk about it. I am like, OK, whatever. It doesn’t bother me. When pressed for a more definitive answer if she had nose job, the 21 year old giggled some more and said, “Maybe who knows!”

Ashlee Simpson Nose Job
Ashlee Simpson Nose Job

Angelina Jolie Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

Angelina Jolie Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)Look at Angelina Jolie photos before and after rhinoplasty plastic surgery (nose job). As you see on the pictures the plastic surgery made her nose tip thinner and her nostrils made smaller. Now with her beautiful defined nose she looks like a goddess.

Angelina Jolie Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)About Rhinoplasty

Did you know that the rhinoplasty procedure aimed to reduce the size of nose nostrils is called Alar Base Reduction? It’s performed when the wings of the nose (the alars) are too bulky and broadening the appearance of the nose from the front. In that case a plastic surgeon removes tissue at the area of the nose where the nostril meets the cheek and if necessary repositiones the wings. Small scars remain after that surgery. But ater a year they can only be found on your nose by specialists. And taking into consideration what wonderful results (see photos above) can be achieved with that surgery, tiny scars (looking more like natural folds on the nose wings) is not something to worry about.

Angelina Jolie Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

Adrianne Curry Breast Plastic Surgery

Adrianne Curry Breast Plastic SurgeryWhat makes an American Next Top Model announce publicly that her left breast was 20% bigger than the right? Wouldnt it be better for a 24 years old beauty to make her breast reconstrustion secretly and remain unspoken? Not only is she sharing details of her right-left-breast-asymmetry, but she has also published online pictures in which she’s happily hugging her plastic surgeon.

Dr. Frank Ryan from Beverly Hills has already worked with ANTM judge Janice Dickinson (not yet clear what surgery did Dr. Ryan performed on Janice, as she has too many) and Russell Simmons. Now he put silicone implants in both Adrianne’s breasts to make them large and even.

After so many successful bikini shots Adrianne Curry realized she cant stand this “one inch wider left breast” and is ready for the surgery. Correcting asymmetric Breasts considered breast reconstruction, so Dr. Ryan bravely used silicone gel filled implants (not saline filled). Surprisingly, three days later FDA finally approved silicone.

Hollyscoop is reporting Adrianne is doing well. “Her husband Christopher Knight cant wait until his wife heals completely.”