Botox Risks And Dangers - Botulinum Toxin Side Effects

Before considering whether Botox is worth the benefit of more youthful looking skin, take a moment and familiarize yourself with the potential risks and dangers that should not be overlooked.

The obsession with looking young is more prominent today than ever. People are living longer and the desire to retain the smooth, wrinkle-free skin of their youth is almost an obsession for many.

Botox parties have become a fad and this has led to warnings from the Food and Drug Administration about possible risks associated with administering Botox in a setting that is not equipped to handle an emergency, should the need arise.

What Is Botox (Botulinum Toxin)?
Botox or "botulinum toxin A" is one of seven types of - A through G - proteins that are produced by the pellet-shaped bacterium known as Clostridium botulinum.

When Botox is injected into the muscles of the area around the brow, it essentially paralyzes them. This prevents the brow from wrinkling thereby making frown lines disappear temporarily.

The neurotoxins found in Botox attach themselves to nerve endings, blocking the neurotransmitter, acetylcholine, which triggers muscle contractions.

By blocking the signals that are normally received telling the muscles to contract, Botox effectively stops wrinkles from forming.

One thing that many people do not realize and one that is associated with the dangers of using Botox is this botulinum toxin is closely related to botulism. A type of food poisoning that is caused by eating something containing a neurotoxin produced by Clostridium botulinum.

The main cause of death from botulism is paralysis of the respiratory muscles - essentially, death from not being able to breathe.

Botox For Medical Conditions
The use of Botox for reasons other than cosmetic purposes ranges wide, even assisting in sweat reduction. More specifically, a condition known as Hyperhydrosis, which is a medical issue that causes profuse sweating.

The current FDA approval for the use of Botox as a treatment for this disorder is limited to underarm sweating. Botox is injected into the armpit and works by blocking the nerves that trigger sweating.

Botox has also been prescribed to those who have migraines or severe tension headaches. However, it is usually only prescribed when oral medications have not been successful. Research is currently ongoing concerning the effectiveness and possible dangers associated with this treatment.

Blepharospasm or "eyelid spasms", cervical dystonia or "contraction of neck muscles" and Hemifacial spasms or "facial spasms" are some of the other medical conditions that have been treated with Botox.

Also keep in mind, these treatments are only used for easing the various symptoms rather than repairing the actual source of the disorders. Therefore, the treatment must be repeated every few months to maintain any benefits.

The risks of side effects linked to the treatment of medical conditions include:
  • Soreness in the armpit and bleeding at the injection site when used to treat profuse sweating.
  • 11% reported neck pain
  • 12% reported upper respiratory infections.
  • 19% reported difficulty swallowing.

Dangers Associated With Botox Injections

The incidence of side effects caused by the use of Botox for cosmetic purposes includes the following risks that have been documented by:
  • Droopy eyelids
  • Muscle weakness
  • Nausea
  • Heartburn
  • Facial pain
  • High blood pressure
  • Tooth problems

Approximately 1% of those who have Botox injections around the lips suffer from uncontrollable drooling. This side effect may last three or four months before disappearing.

Pre-existing medical conditions can increase the risk of side effects and dangers associated with injections of Botox. Negative effects that are more serious include double vision, chest pain and difficulty speaking.

Breast Implant Risks And Dangers - Augmentation Complications

While the reasons for having breast implants installed can vary from woman to woman, the risks and dangers are going to remain the same.

It is essential for the individual who is looking to have this type of surgery to consider all the different risk factors associated with it, and to take a moment to ensure that there is a level of understanding in this area.

Breast Augmentation Infections
Infection is perhaps one of the more important dangers that you need to consider when it comes to breast implants.

Because of the location of the breasts, the female who has undergone surgery is prone to infections that can reach the heart and become potentially fatal.

Generally, the infection that is associated with this surgery is one that is treatable with antibiotics; however, additional surgeries may be required to remove the new implant, and a minimum of six months will need to pass before another surgery can potentially occur.

This of course, will cause the woman's breasts to be uneven and additional surgeries will likely be required, procedures that can hold the same risk of infection.

Capsular Contracture Danger
Women with breast implants also find that there is another concern that they are going to have. When the implant is placed over the muscle tissue in the chest, a woman has the chance of having a capsular contracture. This is a painful condition that causes the new implants to become firm.

Women who have this problem will typically find that they need to have their surgery redone to correct the scar tissue and this could result in additional problems.

Ruptured Breast Implant Risk
Ruptures tend to be another concern that women end up facing when they have breast implants. These of course have risks and dangers associated with them as well.

Here is a listing of some of the most common problems and concerns that occur when a breast implant ruptures.
  • Breasts can deflate and cause an uneven look.
  • Silicone breasts, when ruptured, can cause an inflammatory response that will cause capsular contracture.
  • Painful and tender breasts
  • Infection
Breast Implants and Cancer
Breast cancer is still going to remain a concern when a woman gets breast implants, and while some women may find that they have used these implants as part of a reconstructive process, there is still going to be a need for regular checkups.

The problem is that when a woman goes for her mammography, the actual style and location of the breast implant can prevent an accurate picture of the breast tissue. This can result in a test that only gathers a look at 75 - 90% of the actual tissue. Therefore, an increased need for self examination that is diligent when you have this type of surgery done, to avoid any dangers that could occur from undiagnosed breast cancer.

Side Effects And Making An Educated Decision
Even with all these concerns, many women still proceed to get their breast implants done. While some will not have any of these symptoms, a more common symptom found is nipple numbness.

With this, women find that the nipple remains numb at all times and this cannot be undone. Generally, this happens in about 15% of patients and there is no way to guarantee if you will be affected or not.

These are, of course, just some of the risks and dangers that you might encounter when you get breast implants.

It is vitally important that you understand the seriousness of these potential dangers and make an educated decision before you completely commit to having breast augmentation surgery.

Education is always the most important consideration to make when you are contemplating breast implants or any other plastic surgery procedure.

Betty White Before After Eyelid Plastic Surgery

Betty White is delightfully funny and as graciously talented as they come, a true Hollywood legend turned modern day folk hero, who is never short on words or material.

And on the heels of her new memoir entitled "If You Ask Me", Betty touches on a personal topic that she previously dismissed and even poked a little fun at... Plastic surgery.

It was just last year when Ms. White made a few offhand comments about plastic surgery, saying "she's glad she hasn't gone under knife and wishes her old friends followed in her footsteps and grew old gracefully."
My problem is that I might go to an event or something and people I have known for years will come up to say hi and I don't recognize them.
I know the voice but here's this new face and I have no idea who it is. I'm just lucky gravity has taken over so I don't need it.
The cosmetic procedure that Betty admitted to was eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), an operation that typically reduces bagginess from lower eyelids and removes excess skin from the upper eyelids, which was preformed in 1976, a time when the actress wasn't initially thrilled with her cosmetic decision, until eventually accenting it later on.
It's not nice to fool Mother Nature! But in 1976 I had my eyelids done. I scolded myself forever, but now I'm glad I did it.
Well, i think it goes without saying, Betty White gets a pass on the whole 'deceiving' us thing. Her decades of joy and entertainment will suffice.

Sean Patrick Flanery Before After Plastic Surgery?

Sean Patrick Flanery is an accomplished American actor, perhaps best recognized for his leading role in the wildly popular motion picture entitled The Boondock Saints, along with its highly criticized sequel entitled All Saints Day.

And over the course of the last three years, there has been a wealth of speculation regarding Sean Patrick Flanery's appearance... A change that presumably took place sometime between 2008 when he appeared in the movie Crystal River (looking much like himself) and 2009 when he starred in movies including Deadly Impact and All Saints Day, which is when all the rumors began running rampant.

Many of the onlookers alluded to Flanery's face, which appeared somewhat puffy or swollen, especially around his eyes. And understandably, people began citing plastic surgery as the cause of his transformation.

Plastic surgery could very well be the culprit in this case, and if so, blepharoplasty (eyelid) surgery may be the procedure he underwent.

However there are numerous other theories which are floating around the internet as well, including a rumored car accident, but there is no official report to justify this story.

Other have said that his passion for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Karate (black belt status) has taken its toll on his appearance, perhaps from sparring on the mat.

And furthermore, periorbital puffiness (swelling around the eyes) can be attributed to several factors and conditions, including sleep deprivation, poor nutrition, alcohol and tobacco use, fluid retention, and various other medical conditions.