Melora Hardin Biography

Melora Hardin BiographyBirth Name
Melora Diane Hardin

5' 7" (1.70 m)

Gildart Jackson (1997 - present) 2 children


Daughter of the actor Jerry Hardin and the teacher/manager Diane Hardin.

Attended Rocamora School.

Sister of the producer Shawn Hardin.

Daughters: Rory Jackson (born 29 September 2001) and Piper Quincey Jackson (born 2005).

Was cast as "Jennifer Parker" in Back to the Future (1985) after actress Claudia Wells dropped out of the film during preproduction. Wells had recently filmed a television pilot ("Off the Rack" (1984)) that had been picked up by ABC for a six-episode run and the shooting schedules would have conflicted. Melora never shot a single frame of the movie, however; she was let go when Eric Stoltz was replaced by Michael J. Fox as the original Marty McFly because she was considered too tall to be his girlfriend. Wells was then brought back as Marty's girlfriend when her series didn't get picked up by ABC for a full season.

Has a niece named Cleo Elizabeth Hardin.

Sister-in-law of Kara Meyers.

Personal Quotes

I do believe everyone on this earth is an artist - some people more than others. But I do believe we are all artists in a certain way. We all have unique abilities. There are people who are meant to make it their life and that is a different kind of person who would choose to be on that path.

This is what I have, this is my package, I just happen to be wrapped with this color paper and this color of bow: my looks. It's nice that it's pleasing to a lot of people, and that I don't have to struggle with that in this lifetime. But we're all put on earth with some kind of package, and we just have to do with it whatever we do.

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