Lip Injection Risks And Dangers - Augmentation Side Effects

Lip injections, often called lip augmentation, involves using collagen or a synthetic ingredient that is injected into the upper lip, lower lip or both lips. The purpose of the injections is to create fuller looking lips, or the extra "pout" that is so popular among women today.

Risks Associated With Lip Injections
One thing many people do not consider when thinking about lip injections is where the ingredients are obtained that are used for the injections. The typical collagen used for lip augmentation comes from animal sources, or sometimes even cadavers.

Although the greatest degree of care is taken to make the collagen as disease-free and sterile as possible, there are no guarantees, so risks may be present.

Average Cost And Procedure Length
The cost of lip injections are not inexpensive, costing from $2,000 and up on average. The procedure may take from 30 minutes to two hours. They are generally performed in a cosmetic surgeon's office or clinic.

There are a certain number of additional risks and dangers involved with lip injections, aside from the material that is used.

Potential Lip Injection Side Effects And Dangers

Bleeding - This can result from the lip injections, and the risks are even greater if the person receiving the lip augmentation has diabetes. Other health factors that can cause a greater chance of bleeding are heart and lung disease and problems with blood clots.

Allergic Reactions - The cosmetic surgeon should perform a sensitivity test before lip injections are done. This can alert him or her to the possibility of an allergic reaction. Scarring, redness or itching can be the result of an allergic reaction.

Abnormal Shape - The risks of the lips becoming misshapen, leaving a person with an unnatural look are another complication. A blowfish look or permanent numbness in the lips can result.

Complications - Lip injections can harden and create tiny pockets in the lips. The use of PMMA or Polymethylmethacrylate as a soft tissue filler has been known to cause these pockets. If surgery is required to remove the pocket, this is considered quite serious.

Infection - The risks associated with infection is another danger associated with fillers. This procedure does have a history of causing infection.

Misplaced - The material that is injected may move to another part of the face or the body. If this happens, surgery will be required to remove it. Often this is the result of injecting too much of the material being used into the lips. It can also happen if the wrong type of product is used. Sometimes lip implants will sink to the lowest point it can find.

Choosing A Professional Cosmetic Practitioner
Another possible danger associated with lip injections is the cosmetic surgeon chosen. There was a time when horror stories of unqualified cosmetic surgeons were surfacing, trying to make a quick buck while jeopardizing the safety of their unknowing patients.

The amount of money made from these type of procedures is one of the reasons why this became such a popular profession to exploit.

Not all doctors have the necessary training required to perform these cosmetic procedures. If you are seriously considering lip injections or implants, the utmost care should go into choosing a qualified cosmetic surgeon, and credentials should be thoroughly checked.