Michelle Pfeiffer Nose And Lips

When Michelle Pfeiffer rose to prominence during the late 1980s and early 1990s she was truly a sight for sore eyes, and though she still maintains a high level of beauty, her appearance seems to have been altered. Could this be plastic surgery?

For starters, her nose seems significantly more pointy now, compared to when she graced the silk screen as Catwoman in 1992. Nose job?

As for her lips, they are clearly much more full and lush compared to her early days in Hollywood. Lip injections?

Checkout the before and after pictures and judge for yourself.

Donatella Versace Plastic Surgery

Donatella Versace is a well known Italian fashion designer, but perhaps even better known for her extreme transformation due to numerous plastic surgery operations.

When it comes to bad celebrity plastic surgery, Donatella Versace is leading the way with some of the most outrageous lips in all of the business.

And from the looks of these before and after pictures, the lip augmentation isn't the only plastic surgery procedure she has underwent.

I would estimate she has underwent a nose job along with a possible chin implant and also some work around the eyes.

Salma Hayek Breast Implants

Throughout the years their has been much debate surrounding the breasts of the lovely Salma Hayek, and whether or not they are real or breast implants.

One side firmly believes she had plastic surgery, while the other side insists its nothing more than the natural growth of a mothers breasts after giving birth.
However both the before and after pictures listed above are prior to Salma Hayek becoming a proud mother, so this complicates the question even further.

Perhaps we will never know whether or not Salma Hayek truly has breast implants, i guess we can only speculated and come to our own conclusions.

So which side are you on? Natural or plastic surgery?

Carla Bruni Plastic Surgery

Carla Bruni is a successful French singer and former model, perhaps best known as the wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

The question is what on earth has happened to her once good looks?

Is Carla Bruni feeling the added pressure after her marriage to Nicolas Sarkozy and the stress has simply wore her down, or is this the result of something else like plastic surgery?
Poor Carla Bruni is looking like a startled ghost on Halloween.

She could really use some rest and relaxation, or perhaps a revisit to her plastic surgeon.

Claire Stansfield Big Lips

You might remember Claire Stansfield for her role as "Alti" on the once successful television series known as Xena: Warrior Princess.

Or perhaps you may remember her as the lovely lady who had amazing natural lips in the 1980's, yet still ventured into plastic surgery while seeking "super mega" trout pout express lips.
Well mission accomplished, those lips are huge, and checkout that "sub lip" which borders her actual lips.

Barry Manilow Facelift

Knock knock! Who's there? The ghost of Barry Manilow...

The legendary singer-songwriter of such hits as "Mandy" and "I Write the Songs" is looking mighty unusual these days, and quite alarmed i might add.
Just by looking at this before and after picture, you can clearly see that Barry Manilow had begun to let himself go, pretty badly in recent years, which may have prompted him to explore plastic surgery opportunities.
The plastic surgery results really speak for themselves, possibly including an eye lift, facelift, cheek implants, facial fillers and a minor nose job.

Did Barry Manilow go too far with all his plastic surgery procedures?

Kim Kardashian Butt Implants

Ever since the bodacious Kim Kardashian came into the public spotlight, there have been rumors orbiting around her two scoops of extra butt.

Just the thought of anyone getting butt implants kinda makes you chuckle and wonder what is the world coming to, and how can we stop it from sliding down implant avenue with some dignity remaining.
If Kim Kardashian's backside is truly all natural and has never seen the inside of a plastic surgeons office, i would be pleasantly surprised and would gladly give her high fives for having such an amazing booty.
But chances are we will never get to the bottom of "booty gate", so let the speculation run wild!
Does Kim Kardashian have a God given backside or a plastic surgery rump shaker?

Rob Lowe Good Genes?

Is it just my imagination or is Rob Lowe aging at half the rate of everyone else?

25 years later and Rob Lowe is still looking wide eyed and bushy tailed, like its his first day in Hollywood.

I gotta admit, i don't see any clear signs of plastic surgery on the face of Mr. Rob Lowe, perhaps his nose and eyes look slightly different, however it seems to be nothing but the natural aging process.

Lets hear what the sharp eyed readers have to say, on the topic of Rob Lowe.

Good genes or good plastic surgery!

Ivanka Trump Breast Implants

Ivanka Trump is yet another one of those celebrities who are famous for being famous, or famous for being the daughter of Donald "money bags" Trump.

I always thought Ivanka Trump had naturally large breasts, until just recently when i saw her wearing an open top dress, exposing a good portion of her breasts.

Ivanka Trump's breasts are absolutely all over the place, especially her right breast, which seems to have a mind of its own and is looking to part ways with the rest of her body.

That poor implant looks to be inserted completely wrong, i sure hope she held onto the plastic surgery receipt.

I also have a feeling we'll be featuring her plastic surgery adventures in the future, so stay tuned.

Sharon Stone Breast Implants

You gotta admit, Sharon Stone is looking pretty foxy for a woman in her fifties, but I'm starting to think she has had some help in the breast department.

While making a recent red carpet appearance, i noticed that Sharon's breasts have taken on an interesting shape, which could very well be attributed to the type of dress she is wearing, however i think its something else, like breast implants.

I really wanted to believe it was simply the dress causing her breasts to look different, but I'm almost certain that she did in fact have plastic surgery.

In the bottom pictures you can pretty much see the outline of an implant on her right breast.

Jennifer Connelly Nose Job

Recently after stumbling upon an older picture of Jennifer Connelly, the thought occurred to me "did she get a nose job?", and have since been quite torn on the idea.

Clearly her nose is drastically more defined and pointy as of today, but when you consider the before and after picture has roughly a 20 year age gap, it could just be natural growth, pretty extreme natural growth.

I really want to hear some opinions from the cunning readers we have here at plastic celebrity surgery, so we can get to the bottom of this plastic surgery mystery.

Either way, Jennifer Connelly is a real beauty in my book.

Kate Jackson Plastic Expression

For all the youngsters out there, Kate Jackson is successful actress who is best known for her role as Sabrina Duncan in the hugely popular 1970s television show entitled, Charlie's Angels.

Kate Jackson was an absolute doll in the 70's, however the present day Ms. Jackson is looking awfully different and mighty surprised, which is most likely attributed to plastic surgery.

The actress appears to have an untouched nose and her cheekbones were always very prominent, but its her eyes that have taken a different form, which could be the result of brow lift or even heavy botox on the forehead and surrounding areas.

Victoria Silvstedt Breast Implants

A few days ago we did a little feature on the shockingly huge trout pout lips of Swedish model Victoria Silvstedt, and today we'll take a look at her obviously fake, giant water balloon breasts.

If her breast implants were any more tightly wedged into her chest, you would be able to see the plastic lining of the actual implant through her skin.
I wish someone would tell me why these women choose to get such obscenely large implants...Oh i remember, for attention.

Ladies, if you plan on getting breast implants, please choose a "natural looking" size for your body mass.