Joan Rivers Before And After Plastic Surgery

Joan Rivers before and after plastic surgery picture.
I think its goes without saying, Joan Rivers is the queen of Hollywood plastic surgery, and the gold standard for botched plastic surgery procedures.

Poor Joan Rivers is merely a shell of her former self, completely changing every aspect of her natural appearance, believed to have underwent plastic surgery procedures such as a brow lift, blepharoplasty (eyes), facial implants and fillers, liposuction, breast implants, botox, plus multiple facelifts and nose jobs.

At least Joan Rivers is still in good spirits after undergoing such dreadful plastic surgery, often poking fun at her excessive cosmetic surgery history.
Have a look at these before and after plastic surgery pictures of Joan Rivers, its a bit startling so beware.
You better watch your back Joan, because Heidi Montag is looking to take the plastic surgery crown away from you...

Megan Fox Lips Before And After

Megan Fox lips before and after lip injections?
Its no big secret that Megan Fox has underwent plastic surgery during her lifetime, however the stunning actress has vehemently denied ever having anything done to her lips, like injections...

But we think Megan Fox might be blowing some hot air on this topic, as you can clearly see in this before and after picture, Megan Fox's lips have seemingly doubled in sized.

Like the human ears, do the lips also continue to grow over the course of ones life? I surely don't think so.
Well Megan Fox, you say no lip injections but the before and after picture says otherwise, I guess you win...

Madonna Plastic Surgery (Botox)

Madonna before and after plastic surgery (botox).
It looks like Madonna is chasing the fountain of youth again...

And like so many other celebrities, when/if all else fails, they seem to fall back on plastic surgery procedures.

In this case, it would appear that Madonna has been getting a hefty amount of botox injections lately, which has given her that frozen porcelain look that makes all the men go wild...

Just for once i would like to see a famous person age naturally without any plastic surgery whatsoever.

Kim Kardashian Admits She Had Botox Injections

Kim Kardashian botox picture.
Recently while doing an interview with ABC News' Nightline, Kim Kardashian was asked whether or not she had plastic surgery, and while she denied ever having work done to her breasts, butt and nose, Kim Kardashian did admit to getting botox injections!

However she didn't go into detail about where and how much botox she used, but i think its pretty clear that the injection site was just above her cheek bones on each side of her nose.

Will Kim Kardashian being coming clean with anymore plastic surgery admissions?

Audrina Patridge Breast Implants

Audrina Patridge before and after breast implants.
Audrina Patridge has made it very clear that she has never had plastic surgery...on her face, however its quite evident that she has gotten breast implants.

And much like her television costar Heidi Montag, it looks like Audrina Patridge also chose implants which are much to large for her frame, resulting in giant saggy unnatural bowling ball looking breast implants.
Checkout the before and after picture below to get an idea of what her natural breasts once looked like.

Barbara Walters Facelift

Barbara Walters plastic surgery facelift?
Barbara Walters has been a stable in the homes of millions of Americans for the better part of last 60 years, and over time she has ages both naturally and perhaps not so naturally in recent years.

Judging from the Barbara Walters we see today, it would appear she has underwent a few plastic surgery procedures, one being a facelift.

One of the clear signs that points to a facelift is the classic tight tug from just below the cheek bone to the ear, many people refer to this as the joke line.

Apart from the presumed facelift it's difficult to say which other plastic surgery operations Barbara Walters' has underwent, but there is a few signs that would lead one to assume facial fillers and work around the eyes has taken place.

Eva Longoria Botox

Eva Longoria before and after plastic surgery?
If my memory serves me right, Eva Longoria said in 2006 that she would never even consider having plastic surgery because she has a fear of needles...

That was them, but Eva Longoria sure is looking different as of today, her face is looking very stiff and extra tight in few areas. Could this be botox injections?

I wonder if Eva Longoria has changed her anti plastic surgery tune, because botox is technically considered plastic surgery.

Nicole Kidman Boob Job

Nicole Kidman boob job?
It was only a few weeks ago when we wrote an article about the possibilities of Nicole Kidman getting breast implants, and now today the mainstream media has followed our lead in the speculation of plastic surgery, after Nicole Kidman was spotted donning a black dress with enormous bust.

So what do you think, does this photo finally put all the boob job rumors to rest?

Traci Bingham Breasts And Lips

Traci Bingham before and after recent plastic surgery?
It looks like Traci Bingham has finally overdone it with all the plastic surgery procedures...

Traci Bingham has been trying her hand in plastic surgery for over a decade now, starting off with breast implants and now it appears she has moved onto her face.

She has seemingly turned her lovely natural lips into a pair of vienna sausage links, and are those a new pair of breast implants i see? I don't remember them being this large and bulking in the past.

For goodness sakes i hope Traci Bingham stops here, before she heads down the road of lifts and tucks.

Avril Lavigne Breast Implants

Avril Lavigne before and after breast implants.
What do you think folks? Did punk pop princess, Avril Lavigne, go under the knife for plastic surgery?

There is definitely a huge difference in her breast size from the looks of this before and after picture, however is it truly the result of breast implants or perhaps an extremely late growth spurt?

Breast implants seem to be the logical answer here, but you never know, the body works in mysterious ways sometimes...

Heidi Fleiss Plastic Surgery (Before And After)

Heidi Fleiss plastic surgery.
Heidi Fleiss and her more than disturbing plastic surgery results are a prime reason why not to go under the knife for extensive plastic surgery procedures.

The hollywood madam seems to have almost complete altered her natural appearance with what looks like an extra helping of the following procedures, cheek implants, facial fillers, botox, brow lift and it goes without mentioning...Massive lip implants or perhaps an excessive amount of lip injections.

Seriously, Heidi Fleiss' photo should be posted in plastic surgeon offices around the nation to serve as a precaution to patients.

Heidi Fleiss before and after plastic surgery.

Worst Big Butt Implants

Picture of awfully big butt implants.
Perhaps many of you have heard about the latest sensation that's sweeping the nation, which is "butt implants".

And while butt implants almost sound like a comical and unbelievable choice of plastic surgery, many women are choosing to undergo this operation, in fact celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Heidi Montag have been rumored to have had butt implants.

So what do you think about this growing and disturbing trend?

Old Woman Breast Implants

Old woman breast implants.
I imagine many of you have pondered what breast implants will look like once the flesh begins to sag...

Well lets be honest here, an old woman with breast implants is just flat out scary!

In fact, an old women with breast implants kinda looks like two pouched eggs in the morning skillet...

Checkout this picture of a sun baked old lady, showing off her very old boob job while gracing the beach in a bikini.

Kendra Wilkinson Breast Implants

Kendra Wilkinson before and after plastic surgery (breast implants).
Clearly it was no secret that Kendra Wilkinson had undergone plastic surgery for massive breast implants, but until now, we never had a before and after pictures of Kendra.

With the recent uncovering of Kendra Wilkinson's hidden sex tape, we now get a chance to compare her natural breasts to her breast implants.

Its amazing that her plastic surgeon was able to give her such large breast implants, seeing how she was basically flat chested before the plastic surgery!

Heather Locklear Plastic Surgery

Heather Locklear before and after plastic surgery?
Is it just me or does Heather Locklear's face seem extra full and puffy?

It looks to me like Heather Locklear might be exploring the effects of facial fillers and or lots of botox injections, which are getting kinda scary at this point.
This isn't the Officer Stacy Sheridan from T.J. Hooker i remember, Heather Locklear is starting to look more like a second cousin to Jocelyn Wildenstein, which is really a shame...

Its somewhat disappointing not getting the chance to see your favorite celebrities age natural and gracefully.

Ashley Tisdale Nose Job

Ashley Tisdale before and after plastic surgery (nose job).
Its no secret that the High school Musical star, Ashley Tisdale, had a nose job, in fact she came out publicly a few years ago and talked about her deviated septum.
Growing up I always knew I had a deviated septum on the right side of my nose, which caused trouble breathing. The older I got, the worse it got. I went to get it checked out, and the doctor told me the septum was 80 percent deviated and that I had two small fractures on my nose.
The question is now, was the plastic surgery a success in terms of appearance?
Personally i cant see a whole lot of chance post nose job (rhinoplasty), except for a slightly different shape and size at the tip of the right portion of her nose, so if she is able to breath better now, i think it was a completely successful operation.

Kelly Rowland Breast Implants

Kelly Rowland before and after breast implants.
You might know Kelly Rowland as a former member of the hugely successful girl group Destiny's Child, and now known as the former member of Destiny's Child who got breast implants.

Often times when discussing celebrity plastic surgery there is heavy debate whether or not the subject has actually had the plastic surgery operation, however in the case of Kelly Rowland its an undoubted conclusion that she had breast implants.
The singers breast implants surgery took her from a very small A cup to a large B or perhaps a C cup, unfortunately a woman with such a small initial breast size cannot get implants this large and look good. Simply too fake looking.

I'm still a bit puzzled with Beyonce's alleged breast implants...

J. K. Rowling Plastic Surgery

J. K. Rowling before and after plastic surgery.
J. K. Rowling is perhaps best known as the creator of those dreadful mythical goblin movies know only as Harry Potter...

After reaching a level of such high success, it appears the author has went from hogwarts to hollywood, presumably at the hand of a plastic surgeon.

A quick examination would lead one to believe she had plastic surgery work done to her eyes (bags), nose (rhinoplasty) and perhaps some tightening of the cheeks thanks to botox injection.

Its like playing a game of "name that plastic surgery", starring J. K. Rowling!

Ciara Breast Implants

I gotta admit i wasn't too familiar as to who Ciara was, however she appears to be a rather successful recording artist, a recording artist with newly emerged breast implants.

This before and after picture shows Ciara having virtually no breasts whatsoever, to bursting with bust in the after picture.

Even though see didn't go over board with the size of her breast implants, it kinda makes you wonder how they fit any implant, considering she didn't appear to have much tissue to work with.

What do you think? Was this a plastic surgery success or failure?

Jane Seymour Breast Implants

Jane Seymour is quickly closing in on the big six zero, and the lovely long time actress has recently come clean about her plastic surgery rumors.

I think it came as no surprise to many of us when Jane Seymour admitted to getting breast implants, seeing how her bosom suddenly had added lift and extra fullness.

When Jane Seymour discussed her breast augmentation, she claimed her breast upgrade was so minor that the surgeon had to special order small implants.

You really gotta applaud Jane Seymour for her honesty and forthcoming ways, unlike so many other celebrity actresses who deny their plastic surgery procedures up and down.

Britney Spears Lip Injections

Britney Spears lip injections.
Well today is rather slow day in the world of celebrity plastic surgery news and gossip, so lets kick back, take off the shoes and have a stroll down memory lane.

I can't believe its almost been three years since Britney Spears first tried her luck with lip injections, and boy was that a bad idea...The poor girl never was able to wrangle that straw with those big swollen fish lips.

At least the lip injections weren't a permanent mishap, like the result of the nose job she was rumored to have gotten.

Britney Spears has been through a lot of tough times during her run in the hollywood spotlight, and something tells me she's learned her lesson.

Alyssa Milano Botox

Alyssa Milano botox before and after?
The enchanting Alyssa Milano is closing in on 40 years old, however her face maintains the appearance of a baby's bottom, now could this be thanks to the use of botox injections?

Its hard to say for sure, but it seems like some of her smile lines have magically disappeared in this before and after picture.

If Alyssa Milano is botox free, she really needs to share her diet and workout routine with the world!

Nicole Kidman Breast Implants

Nicole Kidman before and after breast implants?
Great balls of fire! Have you seen the size of Nicole Kidman's breasts lately!?!

Nicole Kidman seems to have went from a small B cup size to a full D cup, which can only be the result of breast implants...right?

I know she had a baby not long ago, but this doesn't appear to be baby milk inside those gallons. This before and after picture would lead anyone to think Nicole Kidman had plastic surgery, because those breast simply do not look real.

Most celebrities never confirm after getting plastic surgery, did anyone hear Nicole Kidman come out and talk about her alleged breast implants?

Checkout the article concerning Nicole Kidman's botox and lips.