Ally Walker Before After Nose Job Plastic Surgery?

Ally Walker before and after plastic surgery?
Let me take few minutes and address all the plastic surgery gibber jabber regarding actress, Ally Walker, which seems to be a hot button topic around the internet lately.

Initially i wasn't aware of Ms. Walker and her overall body of work, however after flipping though some of her photos, i was immediately drawn to her nose as the possible culprit in this plastic surgery mystery.

Ashley Greene before and after nose job

Before and after comparisons show Ms. Walker with two differently shaped noses, mainly focusing on the tip, which appears to be a bit curved in the after snapshot.

Sandra Bullock before and after plastic surgery

Other speculators have suggested the possibility of a minor facelift and facial fillers, however i strongly believe age and makeup are playing a key role in Ally Walker's current appearance. But i could be wrong, considering my familiarity is quite low with this particular celebrity.

Sara Bareilles Offended by 'BridalPlasty' Reality Series

Meet Sara Bareilles, a sensationally talented singer-songwriter and musician, known for her angelic vocals which ranges from contralto to mezzo-soprano, as well as hit albums including Little Voice and Kaleidoscope Heart.

Like many famous people, Sara Bareilles has also taken a liking to the wildly popular social network, twitter, a place where she communicates with her fans, while pulling no punches for what she believes in!

Last night Ms. Bareilles caught a glimpse of the new reality series 'BridalPlasty', where 12 brides compete for a total plastic surgery makeover, and not surprisingly this struck a sour chord with many viewers, including Sara Bareilles, which prompted her to tweet the following message, to her nearly 2 million followers.
Its wasn't long before the hashtag #boycottbridalplasty started trending on twitter, which has grabbed the attention of countless unaware citizens. The question is, did Sara Bareilles start a digital revolution of sorts? Only time will tell...

Judge Reinhold Plastic Surgery?

Judge Reinhold before and after plastic surgery makeover?
Many of you will remember actor, Judge Reinhold, for his role in classic 80's flicks such as Fast Times at Ridgemont High and the Beverly Hills Cop series. However some of you may not quite recognize the actor today, as it would appear a makeover of sorts has taken place...

Rupert Everett before and after plastic surgery

It was earlier this year when rumors began to swirl, after Mr. Reinhold took to the red carpet while looking awfully different, and showing signs of plastic surgery with a doughy and stretched facial texture. Somewhat reminiscent of our good pal, Mickey Rourke, though slightly less drastic.
If plastic surgery is the culprit in Mr. Reinhold's change of appearance, the procedures are presumed to be a minor facelift, and then some facial fillers to even everything out, or at least try.

Vince Neil before and after plastic surgery

Others have suggested cheek implants, however the tightening of a facelift can often result in more defined looking cheek bones.

Vanessa Hudgens Breast Implants Plastic Surgery?

Vanessa Hudgens before and after breast implants plastic surgery?
Never in a million years did i ever think we'd be mentioning the breathtakingly beautiful Vanessa Hudgens, and plastic surgery in the same sentence, however that time has now come...

If you haven't heard the news, Vanessa Hudgens will be starring alongside Dwayne The Rock Johnson in the upcoming movie entitled Journey 2, which is currently filming in Hawaii.

Zac Efron before and after plastic surgery

So, there is been a boatload of photos surfacing from the movie set, photos which show Ms. Hudgens with an unusually full chest, which has prompted speculation of a boob job for the young starlet.

Well it looks like one of three things may have happened: 1. Vanessa Hudgens opted for breast implants. 2. Vanessa Hudgens hit a huge and somewhat delayed growth spurt. 3. Vanessa Hudgens was fitted for a humongous padded bra for her latest role in Journey 2.

Ashley Tisdale nose job plastic surgery

Those three options are the only reasonable explanations i can conjure up at the moment, so lets just cross our fingers and hope the correct answer is number 2 or 3.

Because heaven knows Vanessa Hudgens is hands down the most stunning women in show business today, and any type of plastic surgery would be a complete disservice to her stunning God given beauty.

Jaime Bergman Plastic Surgery Rumors

Jaime Bergman before and after plastic surgery?
Jaime Bergman is an adorable American actress and model, best known for her role on the television series Son of the Beach, and more recently known as the betrayed wife of actor, David Boreanaz, who allegedly had an affair with Hollywood chew-toy/trout pout sufferer, Rachel Uchitel.

Back to Ms. Bergman, the pretty pint-sized actress has been the topic of a few plastic surgery rumors, which aren't exactly evident from this before and after three piece.

Olivia Newton-John before and after plastic surgery

At least one prominent plastic surgery blog has previously suggested Jaime Bergman has undergone procedures such as a nose job, facelift and botox injections.

Jenny McCarthy admits to botox injections

However from the looks of these photos, I'd say no dice on the nose augmentation and any type of facelift operation, while a question mark can be placed on the botox assessment. Mainly what we're seeing is a heavy shot of makeup in the more recent snapshot.

Cameron Diaz Before After Nose Job Plastic Surgery

Cameron Diaz before and after nose job plastic surgery.
Cameron Diaz is a fabulous American A-list actress, known for starring in countless blockbuster movies, including fan favorites such as There's Something About Mary, My Best Friend's Wedding and The Mask.

Sandra Bullock before and after plastic surgery

Its no secret Ms. Diaz has endured a painfully lengthy bout of broken noses in her past, in fact the naturally brunette bombshell has broken her nose an astounding four times! Which is surely a hollywood record of sorts.
Cameron claims all her previous schnoz work was strictly for health purposes and not cosmetic reasons, however the operations performed did alter the appearance of her nose, on more than one occasion.
Sh*t just finds my face, it's crazy!
Janet Jackson before and after nose job plastic surgery

As you can see from this array of before and after photos, Cameron Diaz's nose has taken on numerous shapes and sizes. Whether or not these procedures were cosmetically or medically inspired isn't totally clear, however we'll take Ms. Diaz word for it, with a grain of salt of course.
As for the possibility of a future plastic surgery makeover...
Yeah, well, hey. I'm not doing anything right now. But we'll see. So far, so good. But I'll never say never to anything.

Hilary Swank Before After Breast Implants

Hilary Swank before and after breast implants plastic surgery.
Hilary Swank is a magnificently talented Academy Award-winning actress who starred in films such as Boys Don't Cry and Million Dollar Baby.

The idea of Hilary Swank undergoing plastic surgery has been a hot topic for quite some time now, and the debate heated up substantially after last years Oscars, when Ms. Swank graced the red carpet while donning a revealing dress which showcased all her goodies.

Heidi Montag before and after plastic surgery

At first glance things appeared quite nicely, however upon further review of the snapshot below, you'll noticed an interestingly located vertical scar, plus a strange bulging/rippling area of her left breast, which are two huge red flags when spotting breast implants.
The evidence seems quite clear, however the question is why... Why would an already established actress feel the need for breast enhancement surgery at this point in her career? Perhaps to land different roles? Maybe peer pressure, or perhaps she did it for her own self-esteem.

Jodie Marsh before and after breast implants

With all that being said, how would rate the finished results and assess the overall decision of Hilary Swank's presumed breast augmentation plastic surgery procedure?

Is she a million dollar babe or did she make all the boys cry...

Giannina Facio Plastic Surgery Yes or No?

Giannina Facio nose job and cheek implants plastic surgery?
Meet Giannina Facio, a largely unknown Costa Rican actress, best recognized as the love interest of famed English film director and producer, Ridley Scott. In fact her entire American filmography consists of minor roles in Scott directed films.

We recently stumbled across a blog posting which suggested Ms. Facio has previously undergone plastic surgery procedures such as cheek implants and a nose job.

Oksana Grigorieva before and after plastic surgery

Despite the actresses altered appearance, there isn't any clear before and after photos to gauge her transformation, so we'll reserve our assessment for later.

Pete Burns botched plastic surgery results

However feel free to share your own astute analysis of Giannina Facio's presumed plastic surgery makeover. We known our readers are sharp like that...

Ashley Greene Nose Job Plastic Surgery

Ashley Greene nose job plastic surgery?
Ashley Greene is a stunningly beautiful American actress and model, featured in the sensationally successful Twilight film series.

Blake Lively before and after nose job plastic surgery

Since Ms. Greene exploded onto the scene back in 08, there has been quite a bit of discussion surrounding her nose, the shape and size of it, and whether or not shes undergone plastic surgery to alter said schnoz.
Well i guess it goes without saying, Ashley Greene has an extraordinarily "petite" nose with a uniquely pointy tip, which others have compared to historically botched celebrity nose jobs of yesteryear. However we're not so sure the stunning starlet has cosmetically altered her nose at all...

Ashley Tisdale before and after rhinoplasty

I suppose for now we'll leave a solemn question mark on Ashley Greene's nose job (rhinoplasty) rumor, until we locate some old school snapshots and create a worthy before and after photo. Stay tuned kiddies!

Mary McCormack Lips Plastic Surgery

Mary McCormack before and after plastic surgery? Lip injections.
Mary McCormack is a delightfully talented American actress, who has starred on the television series Murder One, In Plain Sight and in movies such as Private Parts and 1408.

Once again we have a naturally beautiful starlet who is rumored to have experimented with plastic surgery, in fact there has been an increased amount of online chatter regarding the facial appearance of Ms. Mary McCormack, most of which is focusing on her lips.

Lisa Rinna lip reduction plastic surgery

As we glance at the before and after photo, we see an decade old snapshot of a lovely thin-lipped McCormack, however in current photos the actress appears to have slightly increased the size of her kisser, presumably from a few collagen injections into her upper lip, which is also quite evident in the photo below.
Since these rumors first began to swirl, at least one other plastic surgery blog suggested Ms. McCormack has also been the benefactor of procedures such as a nose job (rhinoplasty), brow lift and botox injections.

Julie Benz before and after plastic surgery

Very interested to hear our local community chime in and share some opinions on the topic of Mary McCormack, and her alleged plastic surgery makeover.

Heidi Montag Before And After Regrets

Its hard to believe that the sorrowful anniversary of Heidi Montag's plastic surgery transformation is just around the corner, which prompted us to feature some up close and eerily personal before and after photos of the former "Hills" star turned plastic surgery test subject.

As you may remember, Ms. Montag underwent nearly a dozen cosmetic procedures in a very short period of time, which stripped her of all natural God given beauty and rendered her virtually unrecognizable.
Since her near full-body overhaul, Heidi Montag has voiced deep concerns and regrets about her extensive plastic surgery makeover, saying to Life & Style magazine ...
I'm desperate to go back to normal, I'm downgrading and going a little smaller, to a D or a double D.

I'm obsessed with fitness but it's impossible to workout with these boobs. It's heartbreaking, I can't live an everyday life, I feel trapped in my own body. I have major anxiety about it. I was taking painkillers but they weren't working so I stopped. It hurt either way.
So if there is any good that could possibly come from this disastrously unfortunate situation, it should serve as a warning to any and all young women out there, who feel uncomfortable in their own skin, and to understand that you weren't created by mistake.

And most importantly to remember that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder".

Billy Crystal Plastic Surgery Rumors

Here we have the sensational Hollywood actor, Billy Crystal, a marvelous comedian who starred in movies such as City Slickers and When Harry Met Sally.

Robert Redford before and after plastic surgery

Billy Crystal has been out of the public eye for the better part of a decade, lending his voice to animated projects such as Monsters, Inc. and Cars, however recently there has been some murmuring about his appearance, and the possibility ol' Billy underwent some plastic surgery. But how true are these rumors?
The allegations suggest Mr. Crystal has undergone a minor facelift, an eye lift and facial fillers, however we strongly believe the culprit in his ever changing appearance is directly attributed to weight gain, which has altered the definition and shape of his face. The eyelids look a bit heavy and his cheeks are more pudgy due to a few extra pounds.

Rupert Everett before and after plastic surgery

We are prepared to completely vindicate Mr. Crystal from any and all previous plastic surgery charges against him, however i can't help but think Mitch Robbins is somehow pulling the wool over our eyes on this case...

Julie Newmar Before After Plastic Surgery

Julie Newmar before and after plastic surgery.
How could anyone forget iconic actress, Julie Newmar, best remembered for her role as Catwomen on the 1960s television series Batman.

The timeless actress is now well into her seventies, however she isn't conceding to the inevitable effects of aging, in fact it would appear that Ms. Newmar has gone great lengths to halt her beauty from fading.

Marie Osmond before and after plastic surgery

Julie Newmar seems to have chosen the plastic surgery route, while searching for the fountain of youth, and these before and after photos would suggest shes undergone procedures such as a facelift, brow lift, facial fillers, lip injections and last but not least, botox injections.
Some have suggested that the results of her plastic surgery makeover was a sensational success, which wiped away years from her appearance, and while I'll agree she doesn't quite look her age, Ms. Newmar also doesn't look very natural either.

Melanie Griffith before and after plastic surgery

So ladies and gentlemen of the jury, i ask you, what is your verdict in the case of Julie Newmar vs. the plastic surgeons scalpel?

Mike Jeffries CEO Plastic Surgery

You're probably wondering "who in the world is this Mike Jeffries character", right? Well Mr. Jeffries just so happens to be one of the top ten earning retail CEO's in the business, known as the chairman and chief executive office of Abercrombie & Fitch.

Mickey Rourke before and after plastic surgery

At first glance its quite evident that Mike Jeffries has endured a wealth of plastic surgery procedures, and in our estimation the presumed list would include a complete facelift, brow lift, an ample amount of Restylane or Juvederm lip injections, and perhaps a few botox injections to keep everything nice and frozen.

Kenny Rogers before and after plastic surgery

The final results of his plastic surgery makeover seems extraordinarily artificial and uneven, which makes you wonder if anybody can actually "buy" good plastic surgery, or is this type of practice more of a coin flip...

Sandra Bullock Botox, Nose Job Plastic Surgery

Sandra Bullock before and after plastic surgery?
Here we have the always stunning starlet, Sandra Bullock, who you might remember from blockbuster hits like Speed, Miss Congeniality and The Blind Side, among countless other fabulous films.

It seems like there has always been a fair amount low-pitched whispering about the possibility of Sandra Bullock undergoing plastic surgery, in fact many gossip blogs have suggested that the actress has previously undergone such procedures as a mini facelift, nose job and botox injections.

Scarlett Johansson before and after plastic surgery

Personally, i never bought into the plastic surgery rumors, that is until i stumbled across this teenage snapshot of Ms. Bullock, sporting a much wider nose, most noticeably in the bridge area. A nose which appears to be much wider than her modern day booger blower... However the human nose does in fact grow throughout our entire life, so perhaps Sandra finally grew into hers?
As for the facelift speculation, there doesn't appear to be any clear evidence from the looks of these before and after photos, however i wouldn't completely rule out the possibility of a few botox injections, in recent years.

Natalie Portman before and after plastic surgery

The line is clearly drawn in the sand, and many believe that Golden Globe winning actress, Sandra Bullock, has undoubtedly dabbled in plastic surgery, while just as many faithful fans claim shes natural as mamas home cooking. The question is, where do you stand on the issue?

Alexis Bellino Before After Plastic Surgery

Alexis Bellino before and after plastic surgery.
Let me begin by saying, the cast of The Real Housewives of Orange County have undergone enough plastic surgery to dedicate an entire blog towards! And that's pretty much exactly what we've done this entire week, right here.

So without further ado, feast your peepers on our latest plastic surgery test subject, the bleached blonde mother of three, Ms. Alexis Bellino.

Melanie Griffith before and after plastic surgery

Alexis Bellino, like many of the other "Real Housewives", has been relatively forthcoming about her cosmetic enhancements, confessing about her breast implants, botox and lip injections, however recent rumors have suggested that the reality star has added to her surgery list, including cheek implants and a nose job.
We haven't seen any recent photos that would justify the nose job and cheek implants rumor, but lets just say, Alexis Bellino appears to have an obsession with botox, and we all know how that stuff can create illusions of other procedures.

Jenny McCarthy before and after plastic surgery

So now that you've seen the before and after photos, how would you rate the finished plastic surgery product, that is Alexis Bellino. Plus, how believable are the latest rumors? Do you see any signs of a nose job?

Tamra Barney Before After Plastic Surgery

Tamra Barney before and after breast implants plastic surgery.
Believe it or not, we're about to feature yet another plastic surgery patient from the wildly popular reality television program, The Real Housewives of Orange County, and its none other than fan favorite, Tamra Barney.

Tamra Barney has always been very open and willing to discuss her plastic surgery choices, which all began with her first breast augmentation, that elevated her bust size to 34DD.

Jodie Marsh before and after breast implants

However she quickly realized that DD implants were much too big for her petite frame, saying "They came out on the sides and touched in the middle. Bathing suits and bras didn't fit, and my breasts made every button-up shirt too small."
So the next step in Ms. Barney's plastic surgery adventure, was to locate the right surgeon for a breast reduction procedure, which she found in Dr. Milind K. Ambe.

Six months later after successfully downsizing her breast implants (34C), Tamra Barney says she is "100% happy" plus "My clothes fit better, and I feel like I look better. It seems like I look the way I did when I was 18."
And now that Tamra Barney has her breasts all situated, it would appear shes moved upward and started working on getting rid of some wrinkles, as we see the reality star sporting an extremely stiff face, which appears to have received a botox injection or twelve...

Tori Spelling before and after breast implants

Tamra Barney has also discussed her love for botox, saying "I'm like a kid in a candy shop. I'm a Botox junkie. I'm known for that on the show. But I don't care. At least I'm honest about it."

Lauren Kitt Breast Implants

Meet Lauren Kitt, best known as the current girlfriend of Backstreet Boy alum, Nick Carter, and while there isn't much information to be found about Ms. Kitt, its quite evident from this photo that shes done some sort of modeling work, and has also undergone plastic surgery for breast implants.

Jenni Jwoww Farley breast implants plastic surgery

As you can see the lovely Lauren Kitt has an extraordinarily lean physique, with virtually zero body fat to mention, which isn't a good combination when opting for breast implants.
In fact its essential to have an ample amount body fat and breast tissue to make large breast implants like these, look halfway realistic. However i think we've had this discussion once or twice before, right?

Hilary Duff before and after breast implants

So what do you think? Beautiful bundles of breast implants or soon to be sagging surgery...

Lynne Curtin Plastic Surgery - Before After

Lynne Curtin before and after facelift plastic surgery.
Here we see a collection of before and after photos of one, Lynne Curtin, a brief television star and former cast member on the television series The Real Housewives of Orange County. Though you may not recognize her at first sight, following her facelift procedure.

As you can see, Ms. Curtin's plastic surgery adventure ended much more pleasantly than we're accustom to seeing with the majority of Hollywood facelifts, however some would argue that her face is much too tight, which tends to cause strange artificial facial expressions.
Lynne Curtin was quoted as saying: "I'd always worked out a lot, but my head didn't match my body." and following the operation "It looks like the clock has been turned back 12 years on my face."

Mary Tyler Moore before and after plastic surgery

Clearly the targeted points of interest were the forehead and neck area, followed by a few touch-ups on her jowls, plus other sites have suggested she possibly opted for cheek implants as well.
And while we didn't bother to discuss her chest, it seemed quite obvious we're dealing with a typical case of tight tissue/low body fat, thus resulting in extra fake looking over sized breast implants.

Olivia Newton-John before and after plastic surgery

How would you rate the overall results of Lynne Curtin's plastic surgery makeover? Was it a screaming success or a frowning failure?

Angelyne Plastic Surgery

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, please turn your attention to today's plastic surgery victim, Ms. Angelyne, shes an American model and local Hollywood quasi icon, known for her self-advertising method via giant billboards in the Los Angeles area.

Gwyneth Paltrow before and after plastic surgery

And while she is virtually unknown outside of her natural habitat (Hollywood), Angelyne has gained wider attention for her interesting plastic surgery makeover, with a presumed personal goal of becoming "Barbie-like".
Angelyne is believed to have undergone multiple plastic surgery procedures, including breast implants (perhaps more than one), facelift(s), nose job and facial fillers.

Blake Lively before and after nose job plastic surgery

What do you think folks, is Angelyne a sight for sore eyes, or is she merely sore from all those plastic surgery operations, with an impending eye lift...