Does Celine Dion Go On With Plastic Surgery?

Songstress Celine Dion turned 41 earlier this week and looks as good as she did when she first entered the US music scene back in the early 1990s. As most women in the spotlight that are her age have been under the knife, or at least the needle, at least once, Make Me Heal decided to investigate whether or not Celine stays young with some careful plastic surgery.

Celine Dion, Plastic Surgery

(Left: Before, Right: After)

Celine Dion is one of the music industry’s top earners and is notorious for sparing no expense on her creature comforts, whether it for the upkeep of her many homes around the world or her own impeccable wardrobe. Because half of a celebrity’s job is to look good, some of Celine’s money likely goes to taking care of her appearance, from personal trainers to tanning sessions. But given the fact that the high-note hitting performer looks good, if a little more mature than she used to, it seems that Celine’s nearly flawless appearance is the result of healthy living and good skincare, not plastic surgery.

Noting that Celine’s eyebrows have always been high, Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon and a rhinoplasty specialist in Beverly Hills, California says, “I don’t think Celine has undergone any plastic surgery. She looks naturally good.”

Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer agrees that Celine’s plastic surgery is minimal, saying, “Celine Dion looks great and does not look like she has had any major plastic surgery. She may have had Botox Cosmetic injections, since her forehead seems very smooth compared to previous pictures and her eyebrows are slightly wider apart when compared to previous. She obviously takes good care of her skin and should keep using whatever treatment she currently uses.”

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