Rupert Everett Facelift

Good grief! What in the world happened to the charming English actor Rupert Everett, star of such movies as, My Best Friend's Wedding and The Next Best Thing.

Well clearly he's had a significant amount of plastic surgery done to his face.

It appears to be a full blown facelift, mainly focusing on the brow, eyes, and cheeks, perhaps topped off with a little botox in the forehead area.

From the looks of this before and after picture, do you think Rupert Everett went too far in his efforts to restore a youthful appearance?

Melanie Griffith Lips

Another day, another desperate attempt at regaining lost youth by a famous celebrity starlet.

On today's menu is Melanie Griffith, the golden globe winning actress who has starred in countless blockbuster movie hits such as, Working Girl and Another Day in Paradise.

Melanie Griffith has underwent several plastic surgery operations in recent years, and we will surely be covering all of them in due time, however today we are taking a close look at her unusually large plump lips.

Melanie went from having cute natural lips, to the dreaded trout pout collagen nightmare, which is all too common these days.

Adriana Lima Lips

Checkout this before and after picture of the stunningly beautiful Brazilian born model and Victoria's Secret Angel, Adriana Lima.

What do you think? Has Adriana received lip injections?

Her lips sure do look extra plump in this after picture.

Ivana Trump Big Puffy Lips

Ivana Trump is a former Olympic athlete and fashion model, but perhaps best known for her marriage to billionaire business mogul, Donald J. Trump.

I guess its true, money doesn't always equal happiness, and that appears to reign true for Ivana Trump, with a failed attempt at restoring her youth from the help of plastic surgery, in the form of what looks like, lip injections.

Those big puffy lips may look kinda silly, but i bet she can whistle like a champion.

Elizabeth Hurley Lip Injections

Has the beautiful English actress/model Elizabeth Hurley been doing what i think she has?

That upper lip sure is looking awfully pouty.

I think you know where I'm going with this, and yes, it looks quite apparent that Elizabeth has indeed put her beauty in the hands of a trained plastic surgeon, for a session or two of collagen lip injections.

There has been no official word, but the before and after pictures never lie. Or do they?

Jennifer Aniston Lip Injections

Has everyone's favorite friend, Jennifer Aniston, been dabbling in some unnecessary lip augmentation?

I wish the answer was no, however from the looks of this before and after picture, lip injections seem to be on the menu for the beautiful celebrity actress.

At least she hasn't went overboard and totally transformed herself, like we see so often. Stay tuned, folks.

Gwen Stefani Breast Implants

Gwen Stefani before and after breast implants plastic surgery?
Gwen Stefani is the lovely fashion conscious, energetic lead singer of the hugely successful ska/rock band, No Doubt.

Has anyone else noticed a change in Gwen's appearance, lately?

There is no doubt, there is differently some extra cushion in the breast area of ms Stefani, but the question remains, what type.
Is Gwen Stefani sporting an extremely padded bra or did she get a boob job?

Judging from these before and after pictures, what do you folks think? Plastic surgery or perhaps a water bra?

Paul Stanley Nose Job

Legendary rock star Paul Stanley was always viewed as the good looking member of the rock group KISS, but as time went by, things began to change, drastically.

Did Paul Stanley go under the knife, and end up with a bad botched nose job?

You be the judge, plastic surgery or not?

Tabitha Stevens Plastic Procedures

Long time adult film star and radio personality, Tabitha Stevens has had quite a few things injected into her, and has been very open about her nasty little plastic surgery habits, calling herself a "plastic surgery junkie".

Tabitha Stevens has admitted to the following procedures, 6 breast implant surgeries, 3 nose jobs, 2 cheek implant operations, chin implant, botox, lip injections and the dreaded "back end bleaching".

Whats next on the menu? A new head?

Billy Bob Thornton Facelift

Here we have, everybody's favorite old man in Hollywood, actor Billy Bob Thornton.

Billy Bob has looked twice his age, ever since he broke onto the scene and now suddenly at age 54, he looks better than ever.

Could this be a result of plastic surgery?

Well, aside from the obvious hair plugs, i would guess he has underwent a minor facelift, most noticeable around his eyes, which seem a bit tightly stretched.

Perhaps he got some advice from his former wife, Angelina Jolie, who knows a thing or two about plastic surgery.

Jessica Lange Facelift

Jessica Lange before and after plastic surgery.
Has the legendary Academy Award winning actress, Jessica Lange, succumb to the pressures of aging gracefully, and opted for plastic surgery?

Reports from Jessica's reps have stated vehemently, that the rumors are false and the actress has not had any type of facial plastic surgery.

However, these before and after pictures tell a different story, a story filled with plastic.
If i had to take a stab at which operations she has underwent, i would point to her forehead, which seems extremely tight, perhaps the result of a brow lift.

Also, the appearance of her eyes have changed significantly, which would likely be the result of an eye lift.

Emmanuelle Béart Trout Pout Lips

Bad plastic surgery seems to be the latest sensations that's sweeping the nations.

Checkout this before and after picture of French film actress, Emmanuelle Béart, showing off her dreadful trout pout lips.

George Michael Nose Job

George Michael before and after nose job plastic surgery.
George Michael is the hugely successful former frontman of the pop duo Wham!

George has also seen his fair share of failure over the year, including numerous drug incidents, not to mention his famous dirty dance moves inside a public restroom.

George's latest hobby seems to be plastic surgery, and from the looks of the before and after nose job pics, its a bad habit.
He decided to take his slightly large god given nose, and almost completely reconstruct it, by narrowing the width and basically shearing off his nostrils.

Whatever gets you through the night, right Georgie?

Lance Bass Botched Nose Job

Feast your precious eyes on this picture of Lance Bass, former member of the pop group NSYNC, turned Hollywood pretty boy.

Some plastic surgery operations simply baffle me, and this is one of them.

Lance Bass seemed to have a perfectly good looking nose before the operation, but despite that, he choose to proceed with the nose job and the results look to be very disappointing.

His new nose is drastically smaller, much too small for the size of his head, making him look like a seedy weaselly junkie of sorts.

From the looks of the before and after picture, this was clearly a botched nose job.

Jennifer Lopez Nose Job

Jennifer Lopez before and after nose job plastic surgery.
Lets take a stroll down memory lane and relive, what appeared to be a nose job (Rhinoplasty) for pop star sensation, Jennifer Lopez.

At the peak of J.Lo's success, she went out on a dangerous limb and opted for plastic surgery, in an effort to make her nose more defined and give it that 'Hollywood point', we see so often.
I really hope this is the end of her plastic surgery experiments, because a couple more slices and dices, you may end up on the worst celebrity plastic surgery list, just ask Jocelyn Wildenstein.

Lindsay Lohan Breast Implants

Lindsay Lohan before and after breast implants plastic surgery.
Here we have the former celebrity actress turned party girl, and currently starring as the paparazzi's punching bag, Lindsay Lohan.

In her young career, Lindsay Lohan has already had more ups and downs than your average pogo stick, from drug addiction to weight management and so on.
Did Lindsay try and drown her sorrows in some good ole fashion plastic surgery?

Well, from the looks of these before and after pictures, its clear that at some point, Lindsay did in fact get breast implants.

Whether or not they have since been removed, is a whole different story.

Vivica Fox Breast Implants

Vivica Fox before and after breast implants plastic surgery.
Here we have the lovely and talented American actress Vivica Fox, perhaps best know for her role in the movies Independence Day, Set It Off and Soul Food.

I have always seen Vivica as a natural beauty, but soon as those natural breast began to sag, she decided to seek help from the realm of plastic surgery.

Now she has one of the most notoriously bad boob jobs in Hollywood.
Notice in these before and after pics, how the breast implants seem to be hardening and causing some bizarre indention on the side of her breast.

I wouldn't be surprised if she goes under the knife again, to have this corrected.

Jessica Simpson Breast Implants

Is it just our imagination or did everyone's favorite blonde bombshell, Jessica Simpson get breast implants?

If you notice in these before and after photo, Jessica once had some rather significant sagging of her breasts, and now they appear to be firm as an 18 year old.

Perhaps its the result of a breast lift or maybe merely a good push up bra, either way, she is looking pretty "big" in "good" places.

Lil Kim Collagen Lips

Last time we featured rapper Lil Kim, it was regarding her massive breast implants surgery.

Now we have the little miss bad girl with yet another cosmetic procedure, collagen lip injections, and boy did she go big on this one, more plump than something really plumply.

Trout pout is truly the new procedure of choice for many celebrities. And i ask, why?

Kylie Minogue Botox

Feast your eyes on the talented Australian pop singer, songwriter, and actress Kylie Minogue.

Kylie has indeed admitted to using Botox injections, in an effort to slow the aging process and keep her face wrinkle free.

Judging from these pictures, was this a good idea for Ms. Minogue? Or just another botched celebrity cosmetic procedure?

Glen Campbell Nose Job

Some have said that legendary country pop singer and Grammy award winning artist, Glen Campbell has fiddled in the plastic surgery game, by way of a nose job.

His now does appear to be much more defined and bold.

Check the before and after photo, nose job or bad lighting?

Beverly Johnson Breast Implants

Beverly Johnson made history when she rose to fame as the first black model to appear on the cover of American Vogue, way back in 1974.

Beverly Johnson paved the way for such models as Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks, in fact shes kinda like the Rosa Parks of the runway.

But even the most beautiful of women have their insecurities, which may have played a role in, what appears to be a breast implants operation for this former super model.

As you can see in the before and after picture, her new breasts appear to be very solid, without any natural hang whatsoever.

Kate Beckinsale Breast Implants

Here we have the lovely English actress Kate Beckinsale, perhaps best know for her role in the movies, Pearl Harbor, Underworld and Van Helsing.

Kate Beckinsale is an absolute stunning beauty by nature, but often times that isn't enough, when under a spectacle such as the Hollywood spotlight.
Sometimes actors and actress feel the added pressure of being a mirror image of perfection and decide to undergo some type plastic surgery operation. And from the looks of this before and after picture, it seems as if Kate opted for breast implants.
As many of us already know, when small petite woman get a boob job, the results almost always look too tight and very unnatural.

Update: Word on the street says, Kate Beckinsale has since had her breast implants removed.

Courtney Love Breast Implants

Once again we are talking about the disgruntled rock star Courtney Love and her never ending string of plastic surgery operations, we first featured her nose job and later her funky looking collagen lip injections, and now we'll take a close look at her botched breast implants.

We can see here in this photo, that there is a significant amount of rippling and bulging underneath her left breast, as she flashes the camera.

Stay tuned for the next installment of "Courtney Love Plastic Surgery".

Mandy Moore Rhinoplasty

Did young twenty something year old pop singer turned actress, Mandy Moore get a nose job?

Judging from these before and after photos it seems clearly that her nose, especially the nostril area, has considerably reduced in size.

What do you think? Rhinoplasty or not?

John Kerry Botox

Did former presidential candidate and current Massachusetts Senator John Kerry decide to get botox injections while running for president, back in 2004?

Have a close look at these before and after photos and judge for yourself.

Botox or not? This is a tough one.

Kelli Mccarty Cheek Implants

At first glance, its quite apparent you are looking at someone who has underwent a plastic surgery operation or two, and that someone is former miss USA (1990) Kelli Mccarty.

It has been reported that this former beauty queen has had a fair share of cosmetic surgeries, including cheek implants which we see here in this close up photo.

It just goes to show even the most beautiful of people have insecurities, like us mere mortals.

Kate Bosworth Nose Job

Former girlfriend of actor Orlando Bloom and star of the hit movie Blue Crush, Kate Bosworth has been rumored to have gotten a nose job, recently.

And from the looks of this before and after photo, her nose does appear to be more defined and less pudgy.

You make the call, plastic surgery or no?

Christina Aguilera Breast Implants

Christina Aguilera before and after breasts implants plastic surgery?
Long before Christina Aguilera settled down and had her first child, she was a young fresh faced teen, set to take over the world with her catchy pop songs.

At a time when her and Britney Spears were battling each other on music charts and the official crown as pop princess, both of which were certainly looking for any advantage to win over fans of all ages.
At some point did Christina Aguilera undergo plastic surgery and opt for breast implants? Well, over the years there have been countless rumors saying exactly that.
Checkout the before and after photos and judge for yourself. Fake or natural breasts?

Linda Evans Lip Injections

Linda Evans before and after plastic surgery.
Linda Evans became a household name when she landed roles on the hit television shows "The Big Valley" and later "Dynasty".

She was always the center of attention while in the lime light, due to her stunning natural beauty, but instead of aging gracefully it appears Linda Evans tried to turn back the hands of time, in the form of plastic surgery.
It has been rumored that shes had several collagen lip injections over the years, plus the dreaded chemical peel.

Many people have even claimed shes recently had cheek implants.

Checkout the before and after photos above.

Leslie Ash Lip Implants

Leslie Ash before and after lip implants plastic surgery?
Leslie Ash was a huge television star in the UK from the late 1980's to the mid 1990's, but it would be hard to pick her out of a photo lineup after her bad plastic surgery operations.
In 2002 Leslie Ash decided to get lip implants and she has never looked the same since, it seems as if she is permanently stricken with the dreaded trout pout result of a lip job gone wrong.

Checkout her before and after photos above.