Christina Applegate Tattoos

Christina Applegate, who has shot to fame with her role in the sitecom ‘Married…with children’ is now a well known actress in Hollywood. She has many movies and TV serials to her credit. Not many know that she has several tattoos on her body. She mostly got all her tattoos on her legs, but as long as they are sexy who cares where they are? Christina has versatile tattoos and also has a good taste in the tattoo designs. The tattoos which she has selected are unique.

Tattoos of Christina Applegate

The full count of tattoos on Christina comes up to 5 tattoos. Right now, there are 5 tattoos which could be seen. She is mostly a “leggy” girl, which means she got most of her tattoos on her legs, to be more precise ankles. She has two tattoo on her abdomen and the rest on her ankles. Somehow it looks like she didn’t want to spoil her upper half of the body.

She has two tattoos on her right ankle and one on her left ankle. The rest are on her abdomen. Let us have a look at the tattoos she has.

Right ankle tattoos – She has 2 tattoos on her right ankle and they are both different tattoos from each other. One of her tattoo says “Agape” which means unconditional love in Greek language. The word is designed over the Hindu symbol “Om”. It is done in simple font and is not a color tattoo. As there is no usage of color the tattoo looks all the more original. The font of the word Agape is done in a little Italic. The tattoo is placed perfectly inside of the right ankle. The other tattoo is of a simple twig which has tiny leaves stuck to it. This tattoo is located on the outside of the ankle.

Christina Applegate Tattoos

Left ankle tattoos – The other ankle has a vine tattoo which goes around the ankle almost completely. This is a very unique design and the vine looks more like a robe with leaves. This tattoo is inked in darkish green. The tattoo looks very simple and yet it is eye catching. It sure is one head turner tattoo.

Christina Applegate Tattoos

Abdomen tattoo – The unseen tattoos are the abdomen tattoo. The tattoo is more hidden as the tattoo is very close to her private parts. Supposedly one is a sparrow tattoo and the other tattoo is unknown. But one thing is sure about the other tattoo that is, it has a lot of yellow in it. It is located on the right side of her abdomen. The sparrow tattoo is on the left side of the body. The sparrow tattoo is more of original ink and doesn’t seem to have a lot of color in it.

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