British Woman Awarded $10 Million After Botched Facelift

After suffering botched facelift plastic surgery which caused permanent nerve damage, successful British businesswoman Penny Johnson, was awarded a staggering $10 million judgment, a mere portion of the $87 million she initially sought.

49-year-old Penny Johnson, is said to have contacted cosmetic surgeon Dr. Le Roux Fourie of Leeds, UK, seeking a nose job and the elimination of dark circles from under her eyes, however, after consulting with the doctor, its believed that she was talked into a more extensive procedure, a facelift operation that ultimately we awry.

Following the surgery Ms. Johnson developed palsy on the right side of her face, and despite corrective revisions, she continues to live with uncontrollable twitching and a permanent grimace.

Penny Johnson testified, saying...
I don't sleep and I have a permanent buzzing around my eye which can be so intense that I can't think about anything. My husband has a separate life with my son which I'm not included in. I can't be a wife anymore.
The judge in the case, Justice Owen, wrote the following excerpt in his ruling...
The physical injuries have resulted in a prolonged adjustment disorder with features of anxiety and depression. [Penny was] a confident, happy and outstandingly successful woman with a full and rewarding family and social life [before her ordeal].
In addition to her unfortunate facelift mishap, Ms. Johnson also suffered mightily from the replacement of pre-existing breast implants which was preformed by the same surgeon, at the same time as her facial surgery.

And while its always upsetting to hear about botched plastic surgery, its events like this, that can ultimately bring about awareness to the extremely dangerous consequences that are sometimes associated with cosmetic surgery.

Jennifer Lopez Love and Glamour

Jennifer Lopez Love and Glamour
Jennifer Lopez Love and GlamourJennifer Lopez the fashionable day entrepreneur who now days has her hands into everything. The pop star, actress, business lady places her heart and soul into every side of her life and her business. Jennifer Lopez who was the founding father of the twenty first century craze of celebrity perfumes is now set to launch her 16th fragrance this fall. This new sensual fragrance can be referred to as love and glamour. Her last product launch within the fragrance market was a smashing success called blue glow by JLo this new scent has been described as fresh, sensual, and enticing every little thing a girl wants to be.

Love and Glamour bottle is a contemporary expression of femininity because it represents a girl in an evening gown attending a glamorous occasion such as a red carpet occasion flaunting crimson carpet fashion. In the ad, JLo is trying glamorous as she wears make-up and look that emphasize a throwback feel to the Forties, the golden age of Hollywood.

Childhood Plastic Surgery: Solution For Bullied Kids?

We've discussed this topic on numerous occasions in the past, however, we feel its worth reiterating once again, as we see even more startling reports about childhood plastic surgery.

This latest trend evolves the use of cosmetic surgery, to combat childhood bullying? And while this may seem like a step in the wrong direction, this controversial solution is being sought after by an increasing amount of parents.

Dr. John Teichgraeber, who is a plastic surgeon at the University of Texas Health, told Fox News Latino...
The kids are much more attuned to their own personal appearance at a younger age. Their nose is a little off, they'll start talking to me about it at 6-8, as opposed to 12-14 like they used to before.
A lot of these kids, they take abuse and one of the things parents say is, I don't care how much this costs, they're really affected when they go to school.
And while this trend is surely good for business, and plastic surgeons aren't obligated to reject such young patients, the root of the issue seems to lie within the parents of these fragile children.

Instead of altering their child's appearance, these mothers and fathers should explain to their children, how different people will find different things beautiful and that the differences of opinion don't matter at all.

And explain how bullying is something that has existed since the beginning of time, and the words of a bully contain no truth, and are often provoked by their own insecurities, which all of have, yet some cannot manage properly.

Parents should serve as a guide for their children, to help them understand and make informed decisions. And if later in life that same child wants to opt for plastic surgery, as an adult, it will be his/her time to make that crucial decision.

Please share your thoughts and comments on the topic of childhood plastic surgery, a new found reality, that is literally changing the face of the next generation.

Bristol Palin Corrective Jaw Surgery 'New Look'

Last week the internet was spinning out of control with speculation, after photos of Bristol Palin surfaced looking awfully different, with a much more prominent chin.

And while cosmetic plastic surgery seemed like the most viable answer for her change in appearance, we are now getting word that Bristol Palin underwent corrective jaw surgery, for medical reasons. A procedure that reportedly took place back in December of 2010.

This revelation was unveiled in the latest issue of Us Weekly, which includes an interview with Ms. Palin...
It's not plastic surgery, I had corrective jaw surgery. Yes, It improved the way I look, but this surgery was necessary for medical reasons...so my jaw and teeth could properly realign. I don't obsess over my face.
I am absolutely thrilled with the results, I look older, more mature, and don't have as much of a chubby little baby face!
With that being said, the results of her jaw surgery look virtually identical to that of a chin implant, but Bristol insists she wouldn't opt for cosmetic plastic surgery, unless it was absolutely necessary.
I wouldn't get plastic surgery unless I got in an accident or something terrible and got disfigured.
This recent news just hit the wire, and already we're hearing a boatload of feedback, most of which is crying foul, insisting that there is more to this story than corrective jaw surgery.

However, a quick 'google image search' will showcase a wealth of before and after photos of ordinary folks, who have undergone corrective jaw surgery, and the existent in which the procedure can alter ones appearance.

So we take Bristol at her word, when she says "its not plastic surgery". But perhaps we're being a little naive this morning. What say you?

Bristol Palin Before After Chin Implant Plastic Surgery?

Extra, extra, read all about it, daughter of presidential hopeful, Sarah Palin, sparks buzz amid plastic surgery rumors!

You heard it folks, Wasilla born mother of one, and recent contestant on 'Dancing with the Star', Bristol Palin, is rumored to have undergone chin augmentation plastic surgery, after debuting a radically new appearance while gracing the red carpet at last weeks 'Candies Foundation' event in New York city. See the before and after pics below.

And while its quite evident that Ms. Palin has indeed lost a significant amount of weight, and received a serious fashion makeover, it also appears that the 20-year-old abstinence advocate has been dabbling in a little plastic surgery, to boot.

And despite rumors running rampant, the Palin camp has yet to address the topic publicly, not even a tweet worth of cynicism has been uttered thus far, however, the numerous before and after photos that are making the rounds, speak loud and clear.

Checkout the comparisons, which display Bristol Palin before, with her modestly sized chin, and after photos that showcase a very prominent and well defined chin, that doesn't quite sync with the rest of her natural features.

There has also been a handful of ill-advised rumors, generated from a few gossip blogs, suggesting the possibility of liposuction and a brow lift procedure, but those accusation seem a little far fetched at this point.

This might seem like an open and shut case of chin plastic surgery, but until Bristol or the Palin posse sheds some further light on these mind boggling snapshots, we will label this case as a "plastic surgery hung jury".

Celebrity Nose Jobs, List of Men and Women Rhinoplasty Surgery

Nose job (rhinoplasty) plastic surgery is often considered the original cosmetic procedure, and dates all the way back to 800 BC when India physician, Sushruta, first employed the technique on persecuted citizens, who were maimed for criminal and religious trespasses.

An ancient operation that was initially developed for suffering individuals, is now commonly used for reasons which are purely associated with vanity, at least in the current case study, which is celebrity plastic surgery.

Each celebrity name listed below is linked to a corresponding page, where you'll find photos and commentary about each subject. The list includes famous stars who are confirmed, and those who are simply rumored to have undergone nose job surgery.

Ally Walker
Angelina Jolie
Ashlee Simpson
Ashley Greene
Ashley Tisdale
Barbara Eden
Blake Lively
Britney Spears
Cameron Diaz
Catherine Bell
Cindy Margolis
Courtney Love
David Charvet
Delta Goodrem
Dolly Parton
George Michael
Gina Gershon
Gisele Bundchen
Glen Campbell
Halle Berry
Hayden Panettiere
Howard Stern
Irma Serrano
Janet Jackson
Jean Claude Jitrois
Jennie Garth
Jennifer Connelly
Jennifer Grey
Jennifer Lopez
Jeremy Jackson
J. K. Rowling
Kat Von D
Kate Bosworth
Kate Moss
Keira Knightley
Khloe Kardashian
Koena Mitra
Kris Jenner
Lance Bass
Latoya Jackson
Lil Kim
Mandy Moore
Melissa Gilbert
Michelle Pfeiffer
Naomi Campbell
Natalie Portman
Nene Leakes
Oksana Grigorieva
Paris Hilton
Paul Stanley
Richard Grieco
Salma Hayek
Sandra Bullock
Sara Gilbert
Sara Jean Underwood
Sarah Jessica Parker
Scarlett Johansson
Shia Labeouf
Sissy Spacek
Sofia Milos
Stephanie McMahon
Stephanie Pratt
Teri Hatcher
Tinsley Mortimer
Toni Braxton
Tori Amos
Traci Bingham
Tyra Banks
Victoria Principal
Winona Ryder
Wynonna Judd
Zac Efron

And while vanity stricken celebrity nose jobs seem more prevalent in today's society, its also worth noting that nose job (rhinoplasty) plastic surgery is also preformed for practical purposes as well, and can serve as an asset for people with congenital defects, respiratory issues, and nasal trauma.

Plastic Surgery in the Media Its Effect on Society

Plastic Surgery in the Media Its Effect on SocietyIn the late 20th century, many celebrities and socialites have decided to go under cosmetic surgery procedures such as Pamela Anderson, Demi Moore, and Michael Jackson. Whether this was pressure from being scrutinized under the public eye or living up to the high standards as role models to a generation, this led to being one of the many factors spurring a huge increase in the traffic for plastic surgery for people of all types.

There are many other factors, inspiring souls to under-go the knife, for the addition of this multi-billionaire dollar industry include a preoccupation with a negative body image, body dysmoprhic disorder, and the media's portrayal of beauty, most notably seen in the early 21st Century.

For the latter factor a large increase in cosmetic surgery awareness was greatly induced by a television show on MTV known as "I want a Famous Face". Where many individuals apply to the MTV network by sending in videos for a chance to win the opportunity of being featured on the MTV Special. These individuals aspired to have similar aesthetic appeal to such celebrity faces including the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Ricky Martin, and Janet Jackson.

This reveals that to a large extent for a media pressure for cosmetic surgery. However there is also much social pressure as well. There are those desiring or deciding in plastic surgery between a large variety of options, including those of the buttocks, thighs, facial, nose, and breasts.

Awful Plastic Surgery

Awful Plastic SurgeryPlastic surgery deals with the healing and restoration of health. The patients could be victims of injury, disfigurement or scarring, as a result of trauma, disease or congenital defects. Plastic surgery involves aesthetic or cosmetic surgery to alter or rejuvenate facial and body features, which are not appreciated by the patient.

As the name suggests, plastic surgery that is an indication of surgical errors is called awful plastic surgery. This could also be a result of poor aesthetic choices by either the surgeon or the patient, before surgery. Facial surgery that has errors is easily identified and obvious. The awfulness could be the result of face-lifts that have become too tight. This could cause asymmetry and tightness. Patients of awful plastic surgery at times, lose mobility of facial features and also lose sensation, as a result of damaged nerves.

This botched surgery can usually be easily re-fixed and the problem solved. It is important to know that the repair job on plastic surgery can only be done if there is enough tissue left. It is easy to disguise plastic surgery gone awry, on other parts of the body. The various effects of awful surgery could be excessive scarring, deformation and in some cases, even paralysis. It causes lot of emotional and psychological damage on the patients. Some develop a guilt complex and feel that they deserved the bad surgery, due to their vanity.

How Rush Limbaugh Supports the Troops

How Rush Limbaugh Supports the TroopsThat Rush Limbaugh, what a guy! What an American patriot. When he says "support the troops", he means it. In fact, he supports them so much, he's developed a program to give troops one year complimentary 7/24 passes to his website through his bighearted program, "Adopt a Soldier Today". Here's how Rush's idea of philanthropy works.

How Rush Limbaugh Supports the TroopsNow folks I'm taking this right from his website. You can't make this stuff up.

When you enter his site's homepage, right up there in the top right hand corner, the best advertising real estate a webpage can offer, there is a box identifying his "Adopt a Soldier Today" campaign. Click on it. You get to read as slick a piece of patronizing patriotic punditry as ever an American heart could embrace. Ah, I feel the chutes of giving being greased like the ball joints on a Humvee. If you are an adoptee (i.e., a soldier), you click on the left button to see if there are sponsored funds available so that you might freely delight in Rush's world 7/24 for a year. If you are an adopter (i.e., non-Lib), you click on the right button to see the details of how you can help--be sure to wipe the tears from your ditto-head cheeks first, lest they drop and short circuit your keyboard.

Aha! There you go; the details. You may donate as many yearly subscriptions as you would like at a reduced rate of $49.90 (a whopping $10 cheaper than the normal $59.90 annual subscription). The website will match the donated subscriptions with interested troops. It's a beautiful act of heartfelt generosity from Rush-o. I get all ferklempt just thinking about it.

Why Rush Limbaugh Is Good For America

Why Rush Limbaugh Is Good For AmericaRush Limbaugh is important to America for several reasons. He loves America, he loves the American people and he believes in them. While most people have heard of him they don't truly know or understand him unless they have listened to him personally. Rush likes to say you must listen to him everyday for a few weeks to understand his commentary and sense of humor. Many people form an opinion about him based solely on someone else's opinion. I have heard many people say they did not like or agree with Rush until they listened to him. After listening to him they realized they agree with most if not all of what he says. After all he loves America and believes in the America people.

Why Rush Limbaugh Is Good For AmericaHe is entertaining, informative and right. Do you believe America is a force for good in the world? Do you believe Americans are generous? Do you believe when faced with adversity Americans buckle down and go to work? If you believe these things you agree with Rush Limbaugh. Above all Rush loves America. Millions of people listen to him everyday for three hours. No other talk radio host comes close to the size of his audience. What makes him so important and valuable is he speaks the truth. His research is extensive. He reads an incredible amount of material in preparation for the show. His opinions are based on facts and history. He is a conservative and says so often. He does not attempt to hide his position on the issues.

His audience is made up of people like him, they love America. They believe our founders set up the absolute best government on this planet. It's not perfect but it is the best. Our founding fathers created a government that allowed the American people to achieve greatness. This greatness was achieved because the government was limited in its power and scope. Government cannot create wealth and prosperity but it can stifle it, destroy it and even take it away. Our founding fathers were brilliant when they created a government that is limited. It is because our government is limited that we have achieved so much. In a little over 200 years we became a super power. Our way of life is so desirable people risk their lives to get here. Americans give more to help other people around the world than any other country.

Celebrity Lip Injections, List of Women with Lip Augmentation, Trout Pout Implants

Lip injections and implants are quickly becoming a popular method for women to increase the size and fullness of their lips, and with the added exposure via famous faces, this cosmetic trend is spreading like wildfire. With teens to middle aged women being the most common candidates, more and more men are also experimenting with this cosmetic procedure, as well.

There are a variety of substances and techniques used for enhancing lips, with injections and implants being the two standard methods, there are a handful of materials which are used, including collagen, restylane, and fat transfers for injections, along with more permanent options such as Gore-Tex implants, and Artecoll.

This list of celebrities includes actresses, models, singers and other famous faces who are confirmed to have, or are rumored to have lip injections, or implants.

Adriana Lima
Ali Lohan
Amanda Lepore
Bar Refaeli
Bree Walker
Britney Spears
Cheryl Cole
Claire Stansfield
Courtney Love
D'arcy Wretzky
Elizabeth Hurley
Ellen Barkin
Emmanuelle BĂ©art
Ivana Trump
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Garner
Jessica Biel
Jessica Simpson
Julie Benz
Kate Bosworth
Katherine Heigl
Kim Kardashian
Kim Vo
Leslie Ash
Lil Kim
Linda Evans
Lindsay Lohan
Lisa Rinna
Liv Tyler
Maria Geronazzo
Mary McCormack
Meg Ryan
Megan Fox
Melanie Griffith
Michaela Romanini
Monet Mazur
Monica Keena
Nikki Cox
Pamela Anderson
Patsy Kensit
Peter Burns
Rachel Uchitel
Shauna Sand
Sophie Monk
Stephanie Pratt
Ursula Andress
Vanessa Ferlito
Vivica Fox

And while many lip enhancement recipients feel that the results are glamorous beyond words, many are left with less than flattering nicknames by the general public, such as trout pout, fish lips, breakfast links, bumper boats, bee stung, lip logger, and of course everyone's favorite slang... pucker pads.