Childhood Plastic Surgery: Solution For Bullied Kids?

We've discussed this topic on numerous occasions in the past, however, we feel its worth reiterating once again, as we see even more startling reports about childhood plastic surgery.

This latest trend evolves the use of cosmetic surgery, to combat childhood bullying? And while this may seem like a step in the wrong direction, this controversial solution is being sought after by an increasing amount of parents.

Dr. John Teichgraeber, who is a plastic surgeon at the University of Texas Health, told Fox News Latino...
The kids are much more attuned to their own personal appearance at a younger age. Their nose is a little off, they'll start talking to me about it at 6-8, as opposed to 12-14 like they used to before.
A lot of these kids, they take abuse and one of the things parents say is, I don't care how much this costs, they're really affected when they go to school.
And while this trend is surely good for business, and plastic surgeons aren't obligated to reject such young patients, the root of the issue seems to lie within the parents of these fragile children.

Instead of altering their child's appearance, these mothers and fathers should explain to their children, how different people will find different things beautiful and that the differences of opinion don't matter at all.

And explain how bullying is something that has existed since the beginning of time, and the words of a bully contain no truth, and are often provoked by their own insecurities, which all of have, yet some cannot manage properly.

Parents should serve as a guide for their children, to help them understand and make informed decisions. And if later in life that same child wants to opt for plastic surgery, as an adult, it will be his/her time to make that crucial decision.

Please share your thoughts and comments on the topic of childhood plastic surgery, a new found reality, that is literally changing the face of the next generation.

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