How Rush Limbaugh Supports the Troops

How Rush Limbaugh Supports the TroopsThat Rush Limbaugh, what a guy! What an American patriot. When he says "support the troops", he means it. In fact, he supports them so much, he's developed a program to give troops one year complimentary 7/24 passes to his website through his bighearted program, "Adopt a Soldier Today". Here's how Rush's idea of philanthropy works.

How Rush Limbaugh Supports the TroopsNow folks I'm taking this right from his website. You can't make this stuff up.

When you enter his site's homepage, right up there in the top right hand corner, the best advertising real estate a webpage can offer, there is a box identifying his "Adopt a Soldier Today" campaign. Click on it. You get to read as slick a piece of patronizing patriotic punditry as ever an American heart could embrace. Ah, I feel the chutes of giving being greased like the ball joints on a Humvee. If you are an adoptee (i.e., a soldier), you click on the left button to see if there are sponsored funds available so that you might freely delight in Rush's world 7/24 for a year. If you are an adopter (i.e., non-Lib), you click on the right button to see the details of how you can help--be sure to wipe the tears from your ditto-head cheeks first, lest they drop and short circuit your keyboard.

Aha! There you go; the details. You may donate as many yearly subscriptions as you would like at a reduced rate of $49.90 (a whopping $10 cheaper than the normal $59.90 annual subscription). The website will match the donated subscriptions with interested troops. It's a beautiful act of heartfelt generosity from Rush-o. I get all ferklempt just thinking about it.

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