Awful Plastic Surgery

Awful Plastic SurgeryPlastic surgery deals with the healing and restoration of health. The patients could be victims of injury, disfigurement or scarring, as a result of trauma, disease or congenital defects. Plastic surgery involves aesthetic or cosmetic surgery to alter or rejuvenate facial and body features, which are not appreciated by the patient.

As the name suggests, plastic surgery that is an indication of surgical errors is called awful plastic surgery. This could also be a result of poor aesthetic choices by either the surgeon or the patient, before surgery. Facial surgery that has errors is easily identified and obvious. The awfulness could be the result of face-lifts that have become too tight. This could cause asymmetry and tightness. Patients of awful plastic surgery at times, lose mobility of facial features and also lose sensation, as a result of damaged nerves.

This botched surgery can usually be easily re-fixed and the problem solved. It is important to know that the repair job on plastic surgery can only be done if there is enough tissue left. It is easy to disguise plastic surgery gone awry, on other parts of the body. The various effects of awful surgery could be excessive scarring, deformation and in some cases, even paralysis. It causes lot of emotional and psychological damage on the patients. Some develop a guilt complex and feel that they deserved the bad surgery, due to their vanity.

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