Why Rush Limbaugh Is Good For America

Why Rush Limbaugh Is Good For AmericaRush Limbaugh is important to America for several reasons. He loves America, he loves the American people and he believes in them. While most people have heard of him they don't truly know or understand him unless they have listened to him personally. Rush likes to say you must listen to him everyday for a few weeks to understand his commentary and sense of humor. Many people form an opinion about him based solely on someone else's opinion. I have heard many people say they did not like or agree with Rush until they listened to him. After listening to him they realized they agree with most if not all of what he says. After all he loves America and believes in the America people.

Why Rush Limbaugh Is Good For AmericaHe is entertaining, informative and right. Do you believe America is a force for good in the world? Do you believe Americans are generous? Do you believe when faced with adversity Americans buckle down and go to work? If you believe these things you agree with Rush Limbaugh. Above all Rush loves America. Millions of people listen to him everyday for three hours. No other talk radio host comes close to the size of his audience. What makes him so important and valuable is he speaks the truth. His research is extensive. He reads an incredible amount of material in preparation for the show. His opinions are based on facts and history. He is a conservative and says so often. He does not attempt to hide his position on the issues.

His audience is made up of people like him, they love America. They believe our founders set up the absolute best government on this planet. It's not perfect but it is the best. Our founding fathers created a government that allowed the American people to achieve greatness. This greatness was achieved because the government was limited in its power and scope. Government cannot create wealth and prosperity but it can stifle it, destroy it and even take it away. Our founding fathers were brilliant when they created a government that is limited. It is because our government is limited that we have achieved so much. In a little over 200 years we became a super power. Our way of life is so desirable people risk their lives to get here. Americans give more to help other people around the world than any other country.

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