Suzanne Somers Stem Cell Facelift Plastic Surgery?

Extra, extra, read all about! The latest issue of The National Enquirer has described Suzanne Somers' recent appearance as a plastic surgery disaster shocker!
But first, lets get a quick rundown of Ms. Somers... Shes a well beloved and fun loving American actress, author and businesswoman, known for starring on the television sitcom Three's Company and then later on Step by Step.

She is keen on the idea of natural supplementation and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, claiming "This is the best I have ever felt".

And long before this latest plastic surgery rumor hit the front page of TNE, Ms. Somers had already been the target of plenty cosmetic surgery rumors throughout her career, including talk about a possible browlift and lip injections.

Back to the latest buzz, and the rather interesting photo from her recent appearance on the Marilyn Denis Show, the photo that everyone is talking about.

Many sources are suggesting that Suzanne Somers has undergone a stem cell facelift procedure, in which fat and stem cells are taken from other areas of the body and then re-injected into the face. Thought to bond with existing host cells and reverse the appearance of aging.

Gisele Bundchen before and after nose job

If she did in fact undergo a recent stem cell face-lift, it would explain her bloated facial appearance, which should only be temporary as the new cells bond with her tissue.

Model Kelly Brook talks about plastic surgery

Stay tuned for the latest gibber jabber on this story, and perhaps a rebuttal from Suzanne Somers herself.

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