Nicole Kidman Admits Botox, Denies Other Surgery

After years of disputing the use of cosmetic surgery to achieved her flawless porcelain-like skin, actress Nicole Kidman is finally spilling the beans on her use of botox.

Ms. Kidman has been front and center of numerous cosmetic surgery rumors throughout the years, including procedures such as lip injections, breast implants, and of course botox injections.

In the upcoming issue of MarieClaire magazine, Kidman opens up about her experimentation and distaste for the the anti-wrinkle treatment.
I tried it, I didn't like it, so I've gone back to my own forehead. But I've never had plastic surgery on my face. People say I have but I haven't.
I didn't like how my face looked afterwards. Now I don't use it anymore – I can move my forehead again!
So now that Nicole has cleared up the botox speculation, i find it interesting how she said "I've never had plastic surgery on my face". Which clearly leaves a window of possibility for her rumored breast augmentation surgery.

We're glad Nicole Kidman finally laid this undeniable rumor to rest, however her failure to address the boob job rumor, will certainly lead to more plastic surgery speculation.

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hamza said...

Anti wrinkle injections are a purified protein which is injected in minute quantities into the muscles of the face in order to relax and soften the lines and wrinkles.

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