Selita Ebanks Breast Implants

Selita Ebanks before and after breast implants plastic suregry.
Selita Ebanks is a gorgeous Caymanian fashion model, perhaps best known for her work as a Victoria's Secret Angel.

And as you can see from these photos, Ms. Ebanks is a very slender woman, and one thing we've learned since the dawning of the plastic surgery era, is that big breast implants definitely do not mix with skinny girls.

Kate Beckinsale before and after breast implants

However i suppose you could insert a breast implant into just about anything or anyone for that matter, but as we've learned from previous test subjects, the ultimate outcome will appear rather tight and lacking any natural hang whatsoever, thus making the final results less than desirable for many women, and the men who admire them.
Before her boob job, Selita Ebanks appeared to be no more than an A cup size, however her current modeling card reads C cup. Perhaps the lovely runway walker should have opted for a B cup instead?

Barbi Twins before and after plastic surgery

Well folks, what do you think about the ultimate outcome of Selita Ebanks' plastic surgery enhancement? Success or failure?

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