Jodie Marsh Breast Implants - Before After

Jodie Marsh before and after breast implants plastic surgery.

We always like to start off the week on a positive note, so without further ado, meet the one and only Jodie Marsh, shes a bodacious British glamour model and television personality, perhaps best known for her reality show entitled Totally Jodie Marsh, among two other newly obtained large orbital objects...

A few years ago when Ms. Marsh broke onto the scene, she raved about her natural curves and said she'd never even consider undergoing plastic surgery for breast implants, however in 2007, after splitting with her husband, Jodie felt the need for change...

"After the horrible year I had in 2007, with the marriage and everything else, I just wanted to do something that would make me happy. Also I was sagging so much I was too embarrassed to take my top off in front of men. So I decided to have an uplift and a big implant."

With that being said, the overly glammed party girl decided to go under the knife, and later resurfaced with super mega GG sized breast implants. Perhaps a little much?

Holly Madison before and after plastic surgery

Now that she has her comically large breast implants, the only thing left to do now is pose for some morally questionable magazines... Oh wait, she already covered that before the implants.

As for other possible plastic surgery procedures, Jodie Marsh is rumored to have made a few alterations to her facial appearance as well, however we'll cover that in more detail, later on.

Renee Zellweger before and after breast implants

Well folks, how would you rate the post plastic surgery results of our good friend Jodie Marsh?

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