Melanie Griffith Plastic Surgery - Before After

Melanie Griffith before and after plastic surgery.
Once again we have the always evolving Hollywood starlet, Melanie Griffith, as we compare before and after photos to determine which plastic surgery procedures she has actually undergone.

Last time we featured the actress, it was to showcase her exceedingly large lip injection/implants, however many other gossip sites believe Ms. Griffith has endured several other operations as well. Including an eye lift, brow lift, botox, cheek implants and perhaps even a mini face lift.

Burt Reynolds before and after plastic surgery

And due to her frozen forehead, elevated eyebrows and stiff facial expressions, it would seem quite evident that she has in fact received an ample amount of botox injections, along with a brow lift and eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty).
As for the other rumored procedures, cheek implants are a possibility, however it appears more likely she had some type of facial filler, which would explain the round plumpness to her face in the after photos.

Kenny Rogers before and after plastic surgery

Believe it or not, some have speculated that shes also had some work done on her nose, but we'll save our assessment on that topic for a rainy day, meanwhile lets hear your own personal conclusions on her entire plastic surgery makeover.

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