Kris Williams Breast Implants

Kris Williams before and after breast implants.
If your familiar with the television series Ghost Hunters, you'll be quite accustom to the feisty investigator and case manager, Kris Williams, a redheaded bombshell who has recently caught some extra attention, after debuting what appears to be a pair of breast implants.

The recent increase in web searches provoked us to look further into this mysterious happening, which led us to numerous sites asking the very same question, "did Kris Williams get breast implants?"

Kate Beckinsale before and after breast implants

So we did a little searching around and discovered this dated photo of Ms. Williams, which showcases the 'ghost huntress' with what appears to be A cup breasts, however more recently she appears to be pushing a C cup, easy.

Amy Winehouse before and after breast implants

So either Kris Williams has invested in a stock of extra padded bras, or she has undergone plastic surgery for breast implants. Looks pretty clear to us, but you make the call! Ghostbusters!

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