Natasha Henstridge Botox Injections

Natasha Henstridge is a lovely Canadian born actress who graced the big screen as a killer alien seductress in the movie entitled Species.

The blonde bombshell's status skyrocketed after landing the alien role and has since become a spectacle in the eyes of the paparazzi and her fans alike.

Flash forward fifteen years and we see the stunning actress, who seemingly hasn't aged one day since her film debut, however recent photos show Ms. Henstridge looking slightly altered.
Natasha Henstridge's recent appearance has caused quite a stir, with many people questioning the possibility of plastic surgery, but we think the alteration is something less serious, and probably didn't involve a scalpel.

Daryl Hannah before and after plastic surgery

The tightening around her cheeks, eyes and forehead would appear to be the results of botox or perhaps restylane injections.

Courtney Cox before and after plastic surgery

Lets just keep our fingers crossed and hope Natasha never ventures into a full blown plastic surgery operation, because Lord knows that beautiful face doesn't need any modifications.

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