Monet Mazur Lip Augmentation

Monet Mazur before and after lip injections.
Monet Mazur is an American B-list actress and model, who has been featured in the movie Torque and Monster-in-Law.

And from the looks of this before and after picture, we see a slam dunk, open and shut case of lip injections, unless of course there was a horrible flower stiffing accident with a busy bumble bee...

Cheryl Cole before and after lip injections

The before picture showcases the actress with a naturally thin upper lip, flash forward, and we see a very plump and misshaped upper kisser.
With pretty much every case we've featured so far, unnaturally plump lips almost always look incredibly awkward and out of place, not to mention highly unattractive.

Patsy Kensit before and after plastic surgery

Somebody needs to pass the memo onto the next actress in line, before they pop up on this site looking all funky. Or perhaps its more entertaining this way?

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