Kerry Washington Before After Nose Job Plastic Surgery

Kerry Washington before and after nose job, cheek implants plastic surgery?
If you didn't get the memo, Kerry Washington is an accomplished American actress, who has starred in blockbuster films including Ray, The Last King of Scotland and Fantastic Four.

And if you find yourself keeping up with Ms. Washington, you've probably already heard about the numerous cosmetic plastic surgery rumors, targeting the lovely actress.

At least two prominent cosmetic surgery blogs and several other highly trafficked gossip blogs have assessed these very same before and after photos, and the overall consensus seems to weigh heavily on the idea of cheek implants and a nose job procedure.

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The first photo is a very poor choice for assessing a rhinoplasty operation, considering the two "animated" facial expressions, however the second snapshot provides a much better comparison, which showcases a slightly more slender bridge and nostrils. Perhaps a very minor nose job?
As for the cheek implants speculation, its seems quite clear that her cheeks are much more defined and prominent in both of the after photos, however at the same time she also appears to be a bit thinner in both of the after photos.

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So naturally, more often than not, a thinner person would have a more chiseled facial structure. Until further review and investigation, we'll just label the cheek implant rumor as "unsolved". So share you're thoughts on the topic!

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