Erica Chevillar Oversized Breast Implants

Erica Chevillar breast implants plastic surgery.
You might remember, Erica Chevillar, as the former Boca Raton High School teacher who was labeled as "Bikini Teacher", after posing for a few scantily clad photos which caught the attention of school administrators.

The controversy worked out swimmingly for the blonde bombshell, as the national news coverage launched her into a modeling career, which ultimately landed her a pictorial in playboy magazine. But that's not why you called...

Christina Aguilera before and after breast implants

Recently, Ms. Chevillar hosted an event in Las Vegas, and while gracing the red carpet, she showcased her most recognizable assets while donning a loosely fitting tank-top.
And what might seem appealing to some, we found her over-sized breast implants to be a bit over the top, seeing how they extend out much further than her actual frame, causing an extraordinary amount of side-boob.

Adrianne Curry before and after breast implants

In reality this is nothing more than a microcosm of the current influx of massively over-sized breast implants which are finding their way into the chests of women around the world, and while they may appear entertaining to the viewer, they can often be very uncomfortable to the recipient.

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