Sean Patrick Flanery Before After Plastic Surgery?

Sean Patrick Flanery is an accomplished American actor, perhaps best recognized for his leading role in the wildly popular motion picture entitled The Boondock Saints, along with its highly criticized sequel entitled All Saints Day.

And over the course of the last three years, there has been a wealth of speculation regarding Sean Patrick Flanery's appearance... A change that presumably took place sometime between 2008 when he appeared in the movie Crystal River (looking much like himself) and 2009 when he starred in movies including Deadly Impact and All Saints Day, which is when all the rumors began running rampant.

Many of the onlookers alluded to Flanery's face, which appeared somewhat puffy or swollen, especially around his eyes. And understandably, people began citing plastic surgery as the cause of his transformation.

Plastic surgery could very well be the culprit in this case, and if so, blepharoplasty (eyelid) surgery may be the procedure he underwent.

However there are numerous other theories which are floating around the internet as well, including a rumored car accident, but there is no official report to justify this story.

Other have said that his passion for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Karate (black belt status) has taken its toll on his appearance, perhaps from sparring on the mat.

And furthermore, periorbital puffiness (swelling around the eyes) can be attributed to several factors and conditions, including sleep deprivation, poor nutrition, alcohol and tobacco use, fluid retention, and various other medical conditions.

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