Celebrity Butt Implants, Famous Women with Buttock Augmentation

The initial thought of butt implants, may seem reminiscent of a poorly drawn up bit on a sketch comedy show, however, buttock augmentation surgery is a very real procedure, and even a few well known celebrities are believed to have undergone this mind boggling operation.

But lets face it, the buttock is one of the most highly prized areas of the human anatomy, and having a nice backside is perhaps the single most coveted feature of a woman's body, so perhaps its not really all that surprising to see people taking such drastic measures to enhance this desirable asset.

Below is a handful of celebrity women who are rumored to have opted for butt implants. And to view a more in depth article, click on the celeb name of your choice.

Kim Kardashian is undoubtedly the most famous celebrity who is rumored to have butt implants, seeing how her notorious caboose is what landed her in show business in the first place. The before and after photos are hard to argue with and look like a clear case of butt enhancement surgery.

Nicki Minaj's recent skyrocket to fame has garnered her an instant celebrity status, and along with it, has brought an excess amount of attention to her stunning round mounds. The overwhelming majority has made their voices heard, and many of them are claiming that Ms. Minaj underwent plastic surgery for butt implants. See the three after pics above.

Upon first glance, its quite evident that Nicole Coco Austin has endured a wealth of plastic surgery, and its strongly believed that one of the operations shes undergone, includes butt implants. Not to mention a pair of over sized breast implants, along with a few other presumed procedures. Apparently it takes a lot of work to be Ice-T's arm candy.

And last but certainly not least, we'll leave you with this unfathomable photo of English model, Alicia Douvall, and her newly inserted and painfully uncomfortable looking butt implants.

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