Adrianne Curry Breast Plastic Surgery

Adrianne Curry Breast Plastic SurgeryWhat makes an American Next Top Model announce publicly that her left breast was 20% bigger than the right? Wouldnt it be better for a 24 years old beauty to make her breast reconstrustion secretly and remain unspoken? Not only is she sharing details of her right-left-breast-asymmetry, but she has also published online pictures in which she’s happily hugging her plastic surgeon.

Dr. Frank Ryan from Beverly Hills has already worked with ANTM judge Janice Dickinson (not yet clear what surgery did Dr. Ryan performed on Janice, as she has too many) and Russell Simmons. Now he put silicone implants in both Adrianne’s breasts to make them large and even.

After so many successful bikini shots Adrianne Curry realized she cant stand this “one inch wider left breast” and is ready for the surgery. Correcting asymmetric Breasts considered breast reconstruction, so Dr. Ryan bravely used silicone gel filled implants (not saline filled). Surprisingly, three days later FDA finally approved silicone.

Hollyscoop is reporting Adrianne is doing well. “Her husband Christopher Knight cant wait until his wife heals completely.”

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