Kim Basinger Before And After Plastic Surgery

Kim Basinger before and after plastic surgery?
For the better part of the last forty years, Kim Basinger has been the gold standard for graceful aging in hollywood. And even to this day, she is looking exceptionally young for nearly sixty years old, wouldn't you say?

Toni Braxton before and after plastic surgery

However many are now wondering if she has turned to plastic surgery, to maintain her ageless appearance... So far we've read about a possible facelift, eyelift and facial fillers... But if you ask us, we'd say those assessments are a bit much, instead it would appear that Ms. Basinger has become quite friendly with botox injections, and perhaps some type of collagen therapy as well.
These twenty year before and after photos are pretty remarkable, and we think its directly attributed to good genes with a splash of botox and collagen therapy.

Ellen Barkin before and after plastic surgery

We're not prepared to jump on the "facelift bandwagon" until we see more evidence. And judging from these comparisons and other recent snapshots, we see absolutely no noticeable signs of any extensive procedures.

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