Octomom Breast Implants And Tummy Tuck

Octomom after plastic surgery pictures.
Just in case you couldn't live without her, we bring you an Octomom update.

My, how Nadya Suleman is looking so very different these day, in fact it looks like she has almost completed the full transformation into her idol, Angelina Jolie.

The proud mother of 14, recently found some time to pose for this "sizzling" bikini photo shoot, and boy does her stomach look...different.

Call me crazy, but i think we're looking at a world class tummy tuck here, and is it just me or does her belly button look like a coin slot on a soda pop machine...
And if I'm not mistaken, those breasts are very new, and not in a lactating mother type of new, we're talking newly inserted. (Kinda like that coin slot belly button).

I wonder if any of her plastic surgery was paid for with our tax dollars?

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